Maria Corina Machado announced that the unit has already reviewed its witnesses in 98% of the schedules.

Maria Corina Machado announced that the unit has already reviewed its witnesses in 98% of the schedules.

Maria Corina Machado celebrates with residents of Tachira state. Photo: Venti Venezuela

Democratic Leader Maria Corina Machado On Monday, it was announced that Venezuela's leadership has already reviewed its witnesses at 98% of the 30,026 tables where Venezuelans will exercise their right to vote next Sunday, July 28.

“Last night the country won. It is impressive what all Venezuelans feel when they see that we work as a great team and that together we win. Seeing the millions of Venezuelans around the world, united around our Vinotinto, the thousands and thousands of Venezuelans who came to this stadium, which has become the Vinotinto, that made us feel as if we were really witnessing this event,” Machado commented, referring to the national football team’s recent victory in the Copa America.

“What we saw this week was also very exciting, as we traveled for four and a half days through the Andes, that wonderful region inhabited by noble, dignified and brave people. “That was one caravan,” Machado recalls of the last round before the electoral campaign in favor of the unitary candidacy. Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

According to his criteria, “History will turn what we experienced in Venezuela into a case study. First of all, without propaganda, word of mouth, organized people coming together. Second, without money, no money was distributed to anyone here, all volunteers, people put their resources. Third, we did it without transportation, without gasoline, they even persecuted us transporters and motorized vehicles, people move by their own means, many times on foot. We did it without printed posters, people made their own posters, which is amazing because everyone puts there what they feel most, the deepest part of their gut and makes it their own.”

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The opposition leader stressed that “this is a process that has united Venezuela, from the bottom up, and that is why this does not stop anyone.”

As reported by “We are moving forward, and precisely achieving the goals we set in our 600,000 plan.That strong and solid platform to defend your voice, which we all need. The first charge was made this weekend, as key and alternative witnesses were nominated on the National Electoral Council platform.

Machado expressed his great happiness to confirm this 27 days before the elections.We already have witnesses at more than 98 percent of polling stations.

However, the commander explained, “This does not mean that we are ready or satisfied, because we remember that the 600,000 platform goes beyond just having traditional witnesses. “We continue to load people and train people across the country.”

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