Marina Salud workers ask health again about hospital sale report

Marina Salud workers ask health again about hospital sale report

The Marina Salud Company Committee, an organization representing employees of the Denia and Marina Alta Health Service, requested to meet for the third time with the Minister of Health, I’m Barcelo, to deliver a report Lawyer from Generalitat Valenciana to sell shares DKV a Ribera Health, which through this process took full control of healthy marine. The Labor Council also asked the minister to “inform them of the measures that will be taken in this regard.” irregular operation“.

The workers remember that last December Barceló pledged to hand this report over to the Labor Council. He said he would send it to him when the opinion included the actions the ministry would take. stop the process“Nothing happened,” the workers recall.

The press committee also submitted a complaint to Grievances Secretary Because of the “secret” of the ministry, he does not rule out holding a new demonstration in front of the Ministry of Health and filing an official complaint there.

The workers urge the head of the council, Zimo Puig, to fulfill the commitment he made with them on his last visit to Denia. The Labor Council confirmed that Puig told them he would be personally interested in this.

It also warns that all perks have a authorized It must ensure compliance with the law in privatized administrative hospitals. Indicates that you should be familiar with selling stock or change managerWhich is what happened now, too. change manager (Javier Palau have replaced Lewis Carter) must be explicitly authorized by the Ministry, as in previous appointments high direction in Marina Salud ”, says the company’s commission.

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In addition, since 2016 Marina Salud workers have been demanding a new collective agreement. Since then their salaries have not been raised, which is what happened in the public health departments. Business Council asks “how much money has been set aside” class payment From outgoing director Luis Carretero and how much will it cost us new manager salary Javier Palau, if the Ministry finally allows it, which we do not doubt in light of the position he has shown thus far.”

“In the meantime, we will continue to see how our professionals are fleeing to neighboring departments due to the terrible working conditions of Marina Salud, without the President of the Public Authority and the Minister of Health lifting a single finger for the health of Marina Alta,” laments the Works Council.

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