Mark Zuckerberg calls his goat ‘Bitcoin’ and cryptocurrency fans take it as a sign of support

Mark Zuckerberg calls his goat ‘Bitcoin’ and cryptocurrency fans take it as a sign of support


May 12, 2021 02:39 GMT

Although the Facebook founder hasn’t written anything else, some users are suggesting that he may hint at a future purchase of the digital currency.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a photo of two goats on Monday, which he submitted as Max and Bitcoin. The post did not take long to cause a fuss on social networks, as There are all kinds of speculation About the meaning of the name of the second pet mentioned.

Cryptocurrency investors saw this as an endorsement of the digital currency by the entrepreneur, while the meme creators didn’t miss the opportunity to flood social networks with funny montages.

Zuckerberg’s post was very clear. The businessman next door wrote to “My Goat: Max and Bitcoin” Photo you posted on Facebook. Since it went online, the post has collected over a million reactions and over 200,000 comments on the platform.

Although Zuckerberg didn’t write anything else, many comments indicate that he may be The hint to buy Bitcoin in the future. Others interpret the message as an expectation that Bitcoin will become the most important cryptocurrency in the world.

The photo also quickly reached Twitter, where it generated all kinds of reactions. Anthony Scaramucci, founder of investment company SkyBridge Capital, chirp That Zuckerberg had hired David Marcus from PayPal to run the crypto business on Facebook, which he saw as a sign that the pole would start buying Bitcoin.

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