“Tired of humiliation!” Frida’s heartbreaking plea in the face of her torn harassment

“Tired of humiliation!”  Frida’s heartbreaking plea in the face of her torn harassment

Even if Frida Sophia He has garnered a lot of support since he made grim remarks about the alleged violations Who suffered from his grandfather Enrique Guzman Since she was 5 years old, many people on the networks have continued to mock her and harass her with insulting messages that the young woman today wanted to share on their networks.

“Son Posts Like this and the comments that followed really hurt me, “complained”. You hurt me. I had the courage to report the abuse I suffered all my life from these people and people mocking it, ”she confessed, stunned.

“Yes, they go on with the same thing that I want to be famous, and whoever will support me, I’m tired of being humiliated like that, I’m a hard-working woman and I deserve respect like everyone else,” she claimed. “You know the artist however The only one who knows her as a “mother” is me.He completed.

IG Frida Sophia

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Then he shared a series of messages, one after the other, as netizens laughed at his father, Pablo MoctezumaAnd the Who recently confirmed that Alejandra Guzmán is still suffering from blindness due to the situation, To support his daughter and her announcement that she will turn against him. Other comments described Frida Sophia as a “disgrace” to her family.

“Why do I have to endure so much hate? For telling the truth? To have the courage to report my aggressors to me? That is why so many are silent, can you imagine waking up and reading this about yourself? What would you do? Feel?” Asked daughter Alejandra Guzman.

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IG Frida Sophia

A difficult reality faces this young woman in the eye of the hurricane as a legal battle looms on the horizon.

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