Match Summary Riyadh XI vs PSG (5-3) Goals Halftime

Match Summary Riyadh XI vs PSG (5-3) Goals Halftime

King Fath Stadium, Saudi Arabia. /

In the expected clash between Lionel Messi and Cristiano RonaldoArgentina won and his team, The Paris St. GermainFriendship took for 5-4 against Riyadh Season XIWhat were the Portuguese’s first minutes in Saudi Arabia?

A night full of magic, goals and quality took place at the King Fath Stadium in Riyadh. Riyadh seasonA team that provided a mix of players between teams Al Nasser and Al HilalAnd there was good lighting to put on a great show.

Ronaldo He already managed to score in Arabia, but he did not make his debut, but in this match everything was there. Big goals, reds, penalties, defeats. A truly varied menu.

In Riyadh, the football feast started very quickly and PSG won in 2 minutes. It was a great play Neymar Helped a lot Messiwho stood opposite Muhammad Al Owais and is defined as 1-0 from below.

Christian He responded to the local team and in the 5′, he scored the ball that saved him, Keeler NawazWho scored 11′ and more Luis GustavoRiyadh in the first two promotions of the season.

15′, followed by the Parisians. Neymar He had it in front of Al Owais, a pass Akraf Hakimi And the Brazilian couldn’t score, who did Kylian Mbappe In the 24′, canceled out for lack of space after good service from Messi.

The fight continued and 31′, a free kick was taken Gonzalo Nicolas Martinezreached the area of psgWhere CR7 He looked for goal but took a kick to the face from Navas and scored a penalty. The Portuguese took the ball and scored his first goal in the 32′ Saudi Arabia Make it 1-1.

The visitors were left with 10 men for Red John BernardWho wants to stop at 39′ Mohammed Al Tawsari And went to the shower. With 10, The psg 2-1 in 42′ Marginos A center deflected mbappe And beat into the box Al Owais Even with one less man, the visit should return the favor.

psg Third, via VAR, penalty awarded Neymar On a stamp Ali Al Bulaihi; The Brazilian saved him by blaming himself Al Owais.

It gave life to the team ChristianHe won 2-2 with a header at 45′ And putting it on the stick, he used it at the other end Sergio Ramos Badly and very nearly destroyed NawazFired to connect the electronics again.

In the second half, the psg Attacked by him Riyadh and MYeon Soo Jang Made a shot in the center Poor Martinez And Keeler made a save to preserve the tie.

mbappe He had a shot in the 52′ that deflected off him Al Owais And in 53′, Sergio Ramos He returned the favor to Paris in a good game, scoring inside the area Kylian, who scattered two before laying the ball over the Spaniard. From 56′ on, the flavor didn’t last long. Jung He scored on a corner kick, which he scored on, and the electronics made it 3-3.

But Al-Bulaihi58′ He hands the ball in a shot from the spot Lionel Messi And a penalty awarded to PSG; Ball took it mbappeHe made it 4-3 with a good shot at 59′.

Christian He left the field in the 60′ amid applause, and from then on a wave of changes led to both goals being scored less. Already with other men, The Riyadh There was a tie in the 74′ when the Peruvian, Andre CarrilloReceived from Anderson Talisca And overshot his shot.

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Who did not fail Hugo Ekitike, 5-3 at 78′ to crown a good game for his pace from midfield; He drove into the area from distance and slotted home the shot to increase Paris’ lead to 5-3.

Talisca A great goal made it 5-4. He got outside the area, settled down, and released a shot to score from distance Gianluigi Donnarumma.

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