Maxi Lopez’s letter against Wanda Nara unleashes a new court scandal – Diez

Maxi Lopez’s letter against Wanda Nara unleashes a new court scandal – Diez

Maxi Lopez s Wanda Nara They could not even be seen in the drawing, so they explained this with their last actions.

The player, who was a player in the Argentine national team and Barcelona, ​​had serious problems due to a post on his Instagram account in which he meets. Wanda Nara.

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Valentino, Constantino and Benedict are his three children Maxi Lopez With Wanda Nara And on Father’s Day, celebrated recently all over the world, the Argentine player threw an arrow at his ex-wife.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the world has begun Maxi Lopez In your Instagram post.

And right after that, aim straight at him Wanda Nara: “Even if you don’t let me see them for ten months and you insist on cutting ties, I’ll always be there for them. It’s something you’ll never be able to understand.”

Finally, he finished, addressing his children: “I miss you, my chickens, but you already know that.”

Maxi Lopez’s message against Wanda Nara on his Instagram account.

The struggle over the visiting system and food rations is a problem they have always faced Maxi Lopez s Wanda Nara.

massive demand الطلب

Wanda Nara Decide to report Maxi Lopez For this letter that harms his image, as confirmed by his lawyer.

The lawsuit will be charged with “defamation and defamation” and will be presented in Argentina since “the spread and harmful repercussions of the image of Wanda was here,” despite the fact that they both reside in Europe and are known in different parts of the world, asserted Anna Rosenfeld, a lawyer from Wanda Nara.

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Wanda She was sued because the post was clearly directed at her and she did so against the will of her children who asked her not to publicly reveal things about them,” attorney Wanda Nara In an interview with clarinet;

Wanda Nara s Maxi Lopez They separated in 2013 and the beautiful Argentine decided to marry Mauro Icardi in 2014.

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