Which place is the best for custom lightsabers

Which place is the best for custom lightsabers

If you’re looking to purchase a custom lightsaber, this article might help.

I am writing this article for all who want to know if they should purchase a custom lightsaber or not:

  1. I will name the five different types of custom lightsabers that are available.
  2. I am going to explain what each one of them is and how much they cost.
  3. I will compare the pros and cons of each of these five types of custom lightsaber.

1) Normal Custom Lightsabers

Normal lightsabers are by far the most common type of custom lightsaber available. They come in every color imaginable, and you could even have a lightsaber with every color changing. They also come in every possible hilt type imaginable, and some even change with the weather! The cons of normal custom lightsabers are that it is very easy for them to break, most come with one blade color, and they tend to cost a lot more than the other four types of custom lightsabers (for reasons that I will explain in the next paragraph). The pros are that you could have any color imaginable, they are generally quite durable, and they tend to be much more detailed than cheaper custom lightsabers.

Normal Custom Lightsaber Pros: Durable, Very Detailed, Quite Expensive

Normal Custom Lightsaber Cons: Easily breakable, only come with one blade color, tends to cost more than other custom lightsaber types.

2) Specialized Custom Lightsabers

Specialized Custom lightsabers are exactly like normal custom lightsabers, except they only come in one color (a primary color). They also only have one or two hilt styles, depending on the saber. The advantages of specialized custom lightsabers are that they are much cheaper than normal custom lightsabers (for reasons explained in the previous paragraph), and you don’t have to worry about coloring your lightsaber! Also, it is easier for them to break than normal custom lightsabers. The disadvantages are that they only come with one blade color, are very limited, and they tend to lack the high level of detail that normal custom lightsabers have.

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Specialized Custom Lightsaber Pros: Cheaper than normally customized lightsabers, it doesn’t require you to color your lightsaber.

Specialized Custom Lightsaber Cons: Easily breakable, only come with one blade color, lacks detail.

3) Crystal Custom Lightsabers

Crystal custom lightsabers are very different from normal and specialized ones, but they can still be considered a type of custom lightsaber. They often come in one color (a primary color) and only have two or three hilts to choose from (unlike Specialized Custom lightsabers which are limited). On the other hand, they aren’t particularly long-lasting. However, they have one distinct advantage over normal and specialized lightsaber types: crystal lightsabers can be broken down to make saber crystals! Crystal saber crystals are used in pretty much every custom lightsaber type except for lightsaber pikes.

Crystal Custom Lightsaber Pros: Break down to make saber crystals.

Crystal Custom Lightsaber Cons: Very easily breakable, limited hilt types, only come in one blade color.

4) Lightsaber Pikes

Lightsaber pikes are like lightsaber rods, except they are much longer! Pikes also do not usually have an activation button (yes, I know this sounds completely backward), and they always have a blade that is three to four feet long. The advantage of having a lightsaber pike is that it can be used as an excellent backup weapon if your first lightsaber breaks! The disadvantages are that you cannot use them for dueling unless you want to be hit with your lightsaber, they are much harder to make than other custom lightsaber types, and they are very expensive!

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Lightsaber Pike Pros: Can be used as a good backup weapon. Lightsaber Pike Cons: You can’t duel with it unless you want to be hit with your saber, very hard to make and expensive.

5) Custom Lightsaber Parts

Custom lightsaber parts are probably the most unusual type of custom lightsabers because they are not custom lightsabers at all! Custom lightsaber parts are usually one hilt that you put together to create your own customized color crystal lightsaber. You can find these hilts for sale everywhere online or in games stores! For example, the hilt you see above is a saber staff hilt, and it can be purchased for around $35. The advantages are that they are very easy to make, they usually come in multiple colors and are incredibly cheap! They usually only have one style to choose from, however.

Custom Lightsaber Parts Pros: Very Easy to make, comes in multiple colors, extremely cheap.

Custom Lightsaber Parts Cons: It only comes in one style. It doesn’t have a blade that’s as bright or detailed as a normal lightsaber.

6) Custom Lightsaber Shapes

Finally, we get to the last type of custom lightsabers! These are probably my favorite type of custom lightsaber. Custom lightsaber shapes do exactly what they sound like: create a unique shape for your lightsaber! They usually come in two or three different styles and are purchased online for around $20-$40. the advantage is that the result is a very exciting-looking lightsaber with a unique look and feel! The disadvantages are that they only come in one color, and they are very expensive.

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Custom Lightsaber Shapes Pros: Very exciting-looking lightsaber, unique look, and feel.

Custom Lightsaber Shapes Cons: Only come in one blade color, very expensive to buy!


If you want the best custom lightsaber, then I would recommend that you go on Zia Sabers and buy a crystal or specialized lightsaber. If, however, you have no need for a customized soundboard, blade length, brightness, etc. Then I recommend that you just buy a pike as it is not too expensive and can serve as an excellent backup weapon!

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