McGregor broke his ankle and lost his third fight to Powarer

McGregor broke his ankle and lost his third fight to Powarer

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Conor McGregor suffered a Creeping left ankle fracture, so he couldn’t continue meeting him before Dustin Poirier, at UFC 264, and ended up taking Defeat by technical knockout in their decisive battle.

In what was the third meeting between the two, the Irishman started pretty strong, though a problem could have arisen which led to him losing the job set up in Las Vegas, ever since. Shoot some powerful kicks That affected the American who didn’t shrink though.

Poirier gradually grew up McGregor trapped, who shrank in front of him with a series of elbows, although he tried to respond in the best way possible.

However, in the last seconds and when they were on their feet, McGregor threw a punch that didn’t go well And it was when he bounced that his ankle retracted.

Hit, fell badly and eventually broke his leg. It was a fierce battle,” Connor commented, while Pourier remarked that he already knew the damage his opponent was doing from the first minutes:I felt something horrifying, it’s my theorycommented.

Will there be a fourth battle?

McGregor defended that his fall was due to an injury and that he was too aggressive around Pourier despite his injury and even cautioned against it. “This is not over yet.”, as part of the performance he usually performs.

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