Violetta Bermúdez on Mario Vargas Llosa’s words: “It seems to me he’s a little misleading” Keiko Fujimori Pedro Castillo Peru elections 2021 Round two nndc | Policy

Violetta Bermúdez on Mario Vargas Llosa’s words: “It seems to me he’s a little misleading” Keiko Fujimori Pedro Castillo Peru elections 2021 Round two nndc |  Policy

The Prime Minister considered the Peruvian writer This “little information” When he confirmed that the government “sided” in the second round of “For the seemingly humble candidate, from one of the most disadvantaged sectors in the country.”

Speaking to reporters, he stressed that the transitional government and the emergency government will remain “absolute neutral” During the ongoing electoral process that took place this year in April and June.

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“All opinions are respected. However, it seems to me that he (Vargas Llosa) is a little informative. As all residents and media know, the transitional and emergency government He has remained completely impartial, out of respect for the principle of impartiality during the electoral context”And the confirmed.

He explained that no candidate has been contacted, and since the beginning of the electoral process, they have indicated their willingness to do so “Make an orderly and responsible transfer to the person chosen to direct destinations for Peru from July 28”.

We did not contact any of the candidates. We as the executive authority We also respect the division of public powers.”And the Prime Minister stated.

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Statements by Violetta Bermudez

In this sense, she said that in view of the delay in announcing the final results, the government had started the process of administrative transfer as outlined in Comptroller General of the Republic.

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In the same way, Bermudez mentioned that there is a process called “transparent conversion” Through press conferences in which it is said what has been accomplished and how the sectors were left.

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And regarding the constitutional reform approved by Congress last Friday, which provides for the temporary residence of former presidents of the republic for a period of one year after the end of their term, he explained that this procedure was done “fairly reasonable”.

“This rule was approved yesterday that would prevent presidents from traveling abroad unless they get permission from Congress, I think given the political experience we’ve had in recent years It’s a perfectly reasonable rule.”, pointed out.

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Álvaro Vargas Llosa referred to Francisco Sagaste and Violetta Bermúdez
Author Álvaro Vargas Llosa considered that President Francisco Sagaste and Prime Minister Violeta Bermúdez are taking “more political positions” regarding the second round of the 2021 elections between Keiko Fujimori (Popular Power) and Pedro Castillo (Free Peru). ).

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