Medellin City Hall

Medellin City Hall

.: Businessmen from all over the country promoted peace initiatives in departments such as Chocó, Putumayo, Nariño, and Antioquia.

.: The most famous projects were chocolate, honey, coffee, tourist plans, textiles, bags and pet food.

Words by Juan Carlos Obigue Vanegas, Secretary of Nonviolence.730 KB

With resources of 41 million dollars, the Made at Peace Fair, which took place on the Columbia Theater located in Ciudad del Río, becoming a precedent for reconciliation and a contribution to the implementation of the peace agreements in Medellin. The money collected corresponds to the income from sales during the seven days that the city was impressed and learned about the initiatives of the entrepreneurs.

The space included 50 entrepreneurs who demonstrated each of their productive initiatives through which they were able to provide economic livelihoods to their families, friends and communities.

The exhibition, which began on August 14 in the framework of the 2021 Flower Show, has become a space for recognition and commercial display of victims of armed conflict and signatories for Peace, Life and Beyond Grief and Youth of Criminal Responsibility. system for teenagers.

“Made in Peace has been a huge success in Medellin. This flower fair has been full of content and support for people who are building peace, who today, more than anything else, are entrepreneurs who contribute to the economic development of the city and help us create that sensitivity around the importance of work for peace” and said the Minister of Nonviolence, Juan Carlos Obigue Vanegas.

The most popular projects were chocolate, honey, coffee, tourism plans, textiles, bags and pet food. With their purchases, visitors contributed to the peacebuilding agenda, which Medellin intends to put into place at this event.

“Made in Peace looked great to me because of the opportunities it gives to all the people, there is so much diversity in the products and the crafts and the fact that they put in so much effort to show their talents” and Maria Clara Rodriguez, one of the space visitors, crossed.

Entrepreneurs were also trained in commerce, customer service, management of social networks and web platforms, which allowed them to have a more direct approach with the visitors of the exhibition and a better project for their products to sell, as well as to have ideas to continue to promote their business more effectively.

“Being here in this place is very important to me, because we have the opportunity to show the country and the great capitals that from afar, from the foothills of Putumayo, we can give a lot of people a chance to work and create jobs”, Javier Uribe, owner of Yucagúz, the Putumayo company that started the illegal crop substitution process and now harvests and turns cassava into cakes and sweets, confirmed.

Made in peace It has been supported by Compaz and the Unit for Comprehensive Care and Compensation for Victims (UARIV), ensuring the participation of victims and signatories to peace.

The space hopes to become a support mechanism for organizations that, in addition to making their products and experiences visible through city spaces in a physical way, can be referenced in a digital catalog on the web portal, which includes all entrepreneurship initiatives in which new entrepreneurs may register to join the brand Made in peace.

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