Find the shelves that best fit every space in the home

Find the shelves that best fit every space in the home

In addition to being a versatile storage solution, the shelves meet Decorative function Undeniably around the house. That is why it is not lacking in almost any home: for its flexibility, functionality and great ability to decorate.

However, not all of them are the same. Depending on its properties, design, or the material it is made of, There are shelves that are more suitable for some rooms than others. Here we analyze which are the best for each space in the house.

Floor to ceiling in minimal depth: for the living room

If reading is your passion, you will definitely have several books to keep at home. You can create Practical and decorative library With a floor-to-ceiling shelf that occupies most, if not all, of the living room walls.

For Expose books at home You need a shelf that is shallow depth: 25 cm is enough for most sizes. Make sure the shelves are no more than 80 cm long and about 3 cm thick, as books are very heavy.

When books are placed on the shelf, you can follow the standards you prefer, although they look very good visually when ordered Depending on the size and color of the spine, Because you get a greater sense of order.

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