Megan, Duchess of Sussex has “ called up all the PR shots, ” royal sources say despite claims by Oprah’s interview she was gagged

Megan, Duchess of Sussex has “ called up all the PR shots, ” royal sources say despite claims by Oprah’s interview she was gagged

But far from gagging, it appears that the Duchess was building her personal relationships with media figures such as Mrs. Winfrey during “constant consultation” with a team of US advisors as well as palace PR personnel.

Two separate royal sources confirmed to The Telegraph that the two women also met privately at Kensington Palace shortly after their phone call, with no PR staff present at the palace.

“It was the Duchess who fired all the shots the whole time,” said one insider on the affairs of the royal family. “She received advice, but in the end it was Megan and Harry who made the decisions.”

Another said, “The requests were coming daily from all over the world. They had a choice of whom to speak and the freedom to choose. The idea that they were gagged in any way is not accurate.”

A third added, “The notion that media offers were somehow rejected by the palace is not true. The foundation did not intervene when it came to Megan’s press. Nobody was running anything by the Queen. A suggestion will come, the Duchess will decide whether she wants to do so. Diary clashes with other families were discussed, but that’s it. ”

Royal sources highlighted how that Duchess managed to collaborate on the cover of Vogue In September 2019 with Mr. Enninful.

In October 2017, Megan also gave an interview to Vanity Fair in which she announced her affair with Harry. “We are in love. I’m sure there will be a time when we have to come forward and introduce ourselves and have stories to tell, but what I hope people understand is that this is our time,” she said.

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A month later, they became engaged and agreed to interview BBC correspondent Meshaal Hussein, who was specially selected by the palace PR team at the couple’s request.

The Telegraph learned that in addition to involving the palace PR team on the Vanity Fair cover, Megan also consulted publicist Keleigh Thomas Morgan of Sunshine Sachs PR in Los Angeles, who remained one of her advisors throughout.

The couple also consulted Tim Burt, vice president of corporate communications Teneo, for advice, and had conversations with former advertising director David Furnish, who is married to singer Elton John.

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