Melania Trump is moving away from public life to 2024

(CNN) – Mientras Donald Trump Discusses his political future publiclyPlaying with a “bow / bow” during the White House nomination in 2024, while exercising Influence on the primary For next year’s midterm elections, a key figure is quiet. Again.

Melania Trump, maybe The most reserved first lady Of modern history, And more has been withdrawn Public life since he left Washington in January. Only once this summer has he been seen in public, with photographers seen leaving the Trump Tower in New York, with his son.

Other than that, with the exception of a few Instagram posts that came to see her in the dining room of the former president’s Bedminster Golf Club, Melania Trump – always confused – did not deliberately put her foot in front of the camera.

Last month, the former first lady returned from her Summer in New Jersey Palm Beach, Florida, where, according to his friends, he lives full time Mar-a-Lago Baron Trump is studying at a private company. She will give up the Manhattan life she knew before the White House, which provided the biggest anonymity for being Donald Trump’s wife.

“Melania Trump does not want to be first lady”

Melania Trump’s indifference runs deep in public political life, and not only does she have no intention of promoting her husband’s inflated political ambitions to many friends, the White House has said she has no desire to be back. Who spoke to CNN about his mood.

One person who had a close relationship with Melania Trump during her time at the White House said, “Being the first lady again is not what she wants.” “For her, it’s a chapter … it’s over, that’s all.”

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She sees her husband’s continued impact on the GOP landscape, not hers. Another person who knew of Melania Trump’s lack of interest in supporting the former president said, “You are not going to be seen at rallies or campaign events.

“Instead it’s going to be Laura (Trump, Trump’s son Eric’s wife) or (Kimberly) Gilfoyle (Trump’s eldest son, Dan’s girlfriend). Trump has the same desire again (to show); Melania, no.”

Melania Trump’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

The fact that Trump will not be in the campaign – is not uncommon. He said when most presidential candidates campaign with their allies, or tell them to campaign on their own, the idea of ​​mobilizing a voter, often relying on them to attract voters, is “not his thing.” She was in the White House years. Appearing on the road in 2016 is rare, at best.

In fact, when the then candidate Donald Trump’s staff asked him to appear at events, the answer was “no” very often, and over time, a political agent who worked on Trump’s board said, “We stopped listening.” Melania Trump, who was tired of public research and press coverage, took part in less than 5 on-camera interviews and when she was the first woman there was no one in the print media – an unheard of shortage.

Melania says “hello”

Some of the rallies and speeches she has held since Melania Trump stepped down from her husband’s side – in order to speak well of the elected Republican candidate or to speak out against those who oppose him – have repeated the myth that he unjustly lost the presidency. Election – His supporters did not think.

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It is true that a political operator who worked with then-President Trump for some time said, “Her base is accustomed to not having her there.”

His followers did not care. “Instead, she emphasized the point that her absence was a good thing. They were defensive because I was not there. It’s very unbelievable when you think about it,” the agent added.

Laura Bush earned the nickname “close” when she was pulling women down an effective fundraising and campaign trail, and Michelle Obama was so good at speaking out on behalf of her husband.

“The Trump voter (Melania Trump) sat on a pedestal. They are amazed at the way she looks or the way she expresses opinions or opinions based on her. They see it as stoicism and loyalty. For them, it is enough for loyalty,” the agent said.

The man who worked with Melania Trump for many years at the White House pointed to the strict calendar of the campaign and the hours in the arenas where her husband makes long speeches at rallies. “If you can not do all that, if people agree with it, why don’t you do it?” This person said.

In a 90-minute speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, the former president basically dedicated himself to sending greetings, saying “(who) ‘says’ hello’ who loves you as much as I love you.” The audience applauded.

At a rally in North Carolina in June, Trump read the rent again, blinking in his wife’s absence, describing a trip on the Trump Tower escalators several years ago when he announced his candidacy. “Like I said that beautiful morning, I went with our future first lady Melania at the time,” who sends her greetings? “

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Life, unrestricted

The life of Melania Trump is now more personal than the nature of her role in Washington. “This is how she wants it. The more personal she can be, the less she can be in public view, the better,” said another person who has known her for more than a decade. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, if all the people in the world watched your every move for four or five years, it’s not comfortable … just imagine how nervous it would have been.”

In February, Melania announced the opening of her office, according to three people who knew about the matter and currently work with two to three full-time employees at Palm Beach, two of whom were in office at the White House.

A presentation of Trump’s official efforts after the White House came through the February tweet from the office: “Mrs. Melania Trump announces the opening of Melania Trump’s office. Please follow this account. For news and updates”.

Since then, the account has been a chain of memories and thanksgiving, with no announcements of ongoing initiative goals, policies, charity events, speeches or public appearances.

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