Mexico to beat South Korea in 2020 semi-finals against Brazil in Tokyo

Mexico to beat South Korea in 2020 semi-finals against Brazil in Tokyo

The fight for the gold medal Mexican football choice This continued July 31 in the quarterfinals against Mexico, Mexico’s undefeated competitor in the Olympics.

However, the story within Tokyo 2020 Changed for tricolor Not only did he beat South Korea, he beat it: 6-3, Confirmed their qualification for the semi-finals against Brazil.

Yokohama, Japan – July 31: Sportsmanship above all: South Korea’s Ginya Kim # 13 comforted by Mexico’s Vladimir Lorona # 6 after a quarterfinal defeat at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (Photo by Francois Nell / Getty Images)

The Koreans dominated the first 10 minutes of the game and they did not lend the ball. But in the 12th minute, Henry Martin scored the first goal for Mexico after a brilliant play in which Alexis Vega and Luis Romo also took part.

Tong-Jeong Lee’s best shot from the corner of the goal was tied by the Koreans 8 minutes later, the only place Memo Ochoa could not reach.

But Mexico did not cross its arms. At the age of 29, Luis Romo took advantage of Alexis Vega’s superb pass to regain the lead and score 2-1 in favor of Mexico.

At the age of 39, Sebastian Cordoba scored the first goal of the match from the penalty spot (yes, he celebrated as Guadamouk Blanco) after the Korean defenders knocked down Uriel Antuna in the area.

Just minutes before the start of the second half, South Korea regained the lead in the 50th minute with another brilliant goal from Lee, but Henry Martin scored again on his second goal of 54 with 4 points. At that time 2.

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The play of the game was Sebastian Cortova, who, in the 63rd minute, scored the second goal of the night from outside the area, practically penalizing the game.

Goals don’t just end there. Eduardo Aguirre, who came on as a substitute in the second half, scored Mexico’s sixth goal of 84 runs.

South Korea took the lead in the 91st minute, but it was too late for them.

When will Mexico play football again?

The Mexican football team faces Brazil in the semifinals Tokyo Olympics 2020 next Tuesday, August 3 at 03:00.

If it wins, Mexico will secure a medal in football, but if it loses, it will play one more match for the bronze medal.

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