Misael Domínguez requests to acquire Cruz Azul with a great play

Misael Domínguez requests to acquire Cruz Azul with a great play

Access Juan Renoso Many team players are supposed to be a breath of fresh air Blue cross. ignore him Robert Dante Siboldi For most of the past year, with the Peruvian coach, they have been looking to gain even more notoriety for this Guard1anes 2021And even more so after the defeat Pumas In the semi-finals, which left cracks in the team’s mood.

These include Michael Dominguez, Who played “The Landing” while the Uruguayan strategist was the tenant on the bench. His presence with La Maquina remains unknown despite the fact that he made his debut in this competition. Renoso gave him 25 minutes to find a comeback He ended up in a second defeat to the cement producers in the tournament.

However, Misa is not satisfied and goes for more. The Saltillo born wants to confirm again in Guard1anes 2021 that it is no longer a promise and a reality. He had so many circumstances, he lacked a bit of confidence from the duty coach to “give up” and unleash his full potential.

It was Gerrard Pique Who said the best Messi He escaped from the crowd’s eyes. According to the center of the cannons Barcelona, “La Pulga” was a great show in daily workouts. And there is no shortage of mind, in a video he posted on social media, Misael Domínguez presented his master’s degree in strength, strength, and definition in just a few seconds.

With an exercise circuit that began with a weight training, continued with two jumps on the bench, and ended with a definition while running, Meshael demonstrated his ability to take on the role of play generator in a team lacking in ideas … It remains only for Renault to coincide with this line of thought.

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He has the benefit of doubt

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