Dinosaurs in space: A scientist who has a chance to find their bones on the moon

Dinosaurs in space: A scientist who has a chance to find their bones on the moon

A user shared on social networks a confirmation of Peter Brannen, American science journalist and author of the book “the end of the world”, Who in 2017 realized that Dinosaur remains can be found on the moon.

Matt Austin posted via Twitter a portion of the aforementioned literary work by Brannen It describes how the violent asteroid killed these prehistoric creatures.

According to the writer, after the rocky orb passes through the atmosphere, leaving a huge hole, collides with the earth, and kills the dinosaurs, pieces of these giant reptiles They can mix with chunks of land.

Dinosaur remains, which were exterminated more than 66 million years ago, can be found on the moon.

The arrival of the asteroid, which Brannen described as “larger than Mount Everest.” In addition to confirming that it crossed the ground layer. “20 times faster than a bulletThis group of waste caused not only to join each other but also They shot into space.

“As the heavens rushed to close the hole in the atmosphere, massive amounts of Earth were ejected into orbit and beyond, all within a second or two of collision.” Description of the author in his book.

He then ventured that the mixture was able to land on the moon and settle there. Although there is no evidence to support the claims he made in the “apocalypse,” scientists have been able to reconstruct the events that unfolded and validate Branin’s hypothesis about dinosaurs.


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