The Nets rub their hands on Kyrie Irving’s presence at home

The Nets rub their hands on Kyrie Irving’s presence at home

Facing the latter part of the regular season and an imminent appearance in the playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets are wringing their hands so that the New York vaccination mandate is repealed as quickly as possible and that way they can count on their starting point guard, the Australian Keri Irving.

On Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Jeff Passan reported that progress toward more changes in New York State for a private sector vaccine has inspired confidence that Irving can return to the field for games at Barclays Center in the near future. Sources told ESPN Wednesday that this will also include New York Yankees and Mets players who have not been vaccinated, as they will be allowed to play on their courts before opening day in April.

That’s perhaps the best news for Irving, who today celebrates 30 years since his team’s visit to the Memphis Grizzlies.

But why are nets so “urgent” to get a point of protection? The numbers have the answer.

According to ESPN Stats & Info research, the Nets are 16-19 at home this season (that is, without Irving on the floor), compared to 22-15 away from home when the base is eligible.

Kevin Durant He is another person who might benefit from having Kyrie at home, as they together form the second pair of teammates to earn multiple 50-point games in a season, along with Jerry West And the Elgin Baylor In 1961-1962.

If the mandate is revoked soon, Irving will be eligible to participate in the remaining 10 games of nets and not in the three games, including Wednesday, being an essential contribution to coach Steve Nash, because only in his last 3 games. Kerry scored 132 points. Most points in a 3-game period in his career and most in a 3-night period in Nets history.

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Currently, New York Mayor Eric Adams’ office is working with health officials on a plan that would affect more people, not just high-profile and unvaccinated professional athletes in the area, sources said, although no final decision has yet been made. There is growing hope that the repeal of the mandate restricting the participation of NBA and MLB players in home games will be lifted in the near future.

“Baseball, basketball, and business will have to wait for that class to come,” Adams said on Tuesday, but sources believe he presents a plan that could have Irving on the field as early as next week.

With information from Adrian Wojnarowski and Jeff Passan.

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