MMMAD will turn Madrid’s urban space into a window to digital art

MMMAD will turn Madrid’s urban space into a window to digital art

During the month of May, the Urban Digital Art Festival (MohammedIt will convert urban media for use in advertisements into cultural spaces where works of 54 artists will be shown. Immersive experiences will also be seen, workshops and digital meetings will be held.

The first edition of Mohammed, Madrid’s Urban Digital Art Festival, will transform the city into a hub for digital art throughout the month of May. The event will be launched across the city with a large-scale program that includes exhibitions by local and international artists in digital tents for JCDecaux, Screens Roca Madrid Gallery And screen Super 8 On Press Palace Oh no Selling horses.

Immersive installations will also be featured on the giant curved screen Ideas workshop Or the geodesic dome of the new space DOMO360, Where the pieces by Peru Medem or Daniel Canogar will be shown.

Likewise, the program of workshops and digital meetings will be presented at The house in And the Phone Foundation space.

Programming is completed using the visual boxes that will be displayed on the DSI MediaLab Prado, Specified in an invitation Plaza scheduling. Another international call for artists will also be organized through filters Instagram, Where the winning projects will be part of an interactive exhibition being held in a park Goethe Institute Madrid and Lapa School of Art, Design and New MediaFrom Valencia.

The Initiatives Poster is complemented by an online program broadcast over a channel Twitch For the festival and the activation of two artistic spaces in the Carabanchel: Antillón houseWith the exhibition Soft Rebel, And perform in Room number 34, Which connects the physical and digital space.

3500 Haley, the goodness of the horse

Sample of 54 artists

In total, 54 artists from 15 nationalities – with an average age of 33 years and a total of five million followers – will display their work on screens across the city, transforming the urban space into a great window for digital art to bring the discipline closer. For the general public and putting Madrid on the international map of digital creativity.

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Paul, the first Spanish virtual influencer (CGI), will be responsible for opening the festival on Monday 3 May from Sala Equis, which is participating in the festival with its indoor screen, and through MMMAD Twitch.

In addition to releasing a digital statement about the identity and mystery of what is real and what is not, he will present his new video, directed by digital artist Andre Warren.

At the event, voice artist ALV Adina will present her new music album the body The audience will attend an appearance Onyx, A multidimensional object with iridescent skin and changing shapes.


Digital culture and public space

MMMAD Directors, Aida Salán, Cristóbal Baños and Diego Iglesias, part of the Creative Studio Hyper Studio A contemporary art platform Searching for art Madrid, proposes that the festival explore the intersection between digital culture and public space, innovation in shapes and the transformation of urban support for the use of propaganda into cultural spaces.

Sample of it Social movement, An exhibition that runs from 1 to 15 May at JCDecaux Digital Marquee located on the axis of Fuencarral, Goya and Cibeles.

During this tour, you will be able to enjoy this group exhibition of international and creative artists Hard Disk Museum, A museum of digital art stored on a 2 TB hard disk and created by the Spaniard Solimán López.

In this gallery, you can see the work of 15 international artists, including Ines Alpha, Claudia Maté, Exitsimulation, Esteban Deacono and Cool3DWorld. In addition, the project can be studied in depth by meeting new spaces for digital art, which will take place at Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

Another innovative example in the form and space of art is the Roca Madrid Gallery, which during the month of May will transform its screens into cultural devices, both urban eight meters and the interior, to host LiquidsInternational group exhibition, on site, with works by digital artists Andre Warren, Diego Digital, Rachel Lamot, Harriet Davey Wilmas Sen, curated by Lola Zuido, Mitt Porras and Yossi Negrin.

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The MMMAD Festival seeks to support emerging talent, programming young artists and innovators such as Teresa Rofer, The Rodina or Andrei Warren, along with well-known artists such as Zach Lieberman, Daniel Canugar or Marina Nunez.

Throughout the month, the Super 8 screens in Palacio de la Prensa will become cultural tools to display the work of the Anglo-Spanish artist Natalia Stoic.

MMMD Natalia Stoic

Immersive 360-degree experiences

From May 13 to 16, it will exhibit the DOMO360 space, located in Ciudad Universitaria ARAN360, An immersive 50-minute show, which will be seen in a geodesic dome with a diameter of 22 meters, where five works will be presented by Peru Medem + Alba del Castillo, Marina Nunez, Daniel Canogar, Amaya Hernandez and Teresa Rover. This project is a collaboration between Aran Arts Network And the RTVE Audiovisual Innovation Lab.

In addition, the multimedia space Taller de Ideas will open its doors to digital art for the first time to showcase, every weekend in May, an immersive piece by a world-famous artist.

The giant 10 x 3-meter curved screen will host the interactive installation of Vitamin Studio (May 7-9), The Works of Rodina (May 14-16), Estella Oliva (May 21-23) and Zach Lieberman (May 28-30)).

MMMD Domo 260

Digital workshops and meetings

MMMAD workshops will take place at La Casa On, La Casa Encendida online program.

From 4 to 21 May, three online workshops will be held where topics such as: defining what digital skin looks like, how augmented reality or the impact of Google Maps works on our cities.

These sessions will be accompanied by three public online discussions, issued by Zoom in, Which will be served by international guests such as Keiken, Mario Santamaría, or Georg Fassl.

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The festival is also suggested as a platform to showcase new spaces in the city. The program accompanies the activation of a space in Carabanchel: Casa Antillón, which will open its doors with the exhibition Soft Rebel, Dialogue of Innocence and Rebellion by Salamanca artist amor.amor.amor.amor and Marseillaise sltcamille; A performance by Jesu Moratiel enlivens conversions between the physical and digital world in Room 34.

The festival is complemented by an online program through the Twitch channel, where performances, meetings and conferences will be broadcast; And an international call for augmented reality art in Instagram filters, open in April.

The winning proposals, which address topics such as cyborg creatures, mutated skins or actually glitches, are part of an interactive Instagram filters exhibition taking place in the Goethe-Institut garden in Madrid and will be exhibited later at the LABA School of Art, Design and New Media in Valencia. Among the selected projects, three of them will receive the LABA Valencia Awards.

MMMAD Festival is supported by Ministry of Culture And from Ingove. The 2021 edition was developed thanks to technical cooperation between Harddiskmuseum, Aran Art Network, RTVE Audiovisual Laboratory, spaces: JCDecaux, Roca Madrid Gallery, Sala Equis, Taller de Ideas, Casa Antillón, Room Number 34, DOMO360, La Casa Encendida, Espacio Fundación Telefónica and Goethe-Institut Madrid, Super 8 and Medialab Prado.

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