They pray for the health of singer Ismail Miranda | Condition

They pray for the health of singer Ismail Miranda |  Condition

The family of salsa singer Ismail Miranda demanded a prayer chain for the singer’s health, who was admitted to hospital with an emergency yesterday due to “some discomfort and severe dizziness”.

“To our family, friends, colleagues from the art world, and fans around the world, yesterday, January 22, our dear Ismail Miranda was admitted to the hospital with some discomfort and severe dizziness. Posted on social networks.

Meanwhile, the medical recommendation is that a son, who is the translator of the hits composed by Seore Cerino, Afran Paso and Ace, and others have been admitted to hospital. It is “for making continuous deep choices and discarding any issues with your health.”

“For now, our dear Ismail Miranda is resting and waiting for the results of the tests performed. We are waiting for the results to be evaluated by the doctors and their evolution.”

“With the utmost affection and respect, we request you to make a prayer chain for the speedy recovery of our beloved Ismail Miranda,” it was requested.

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