Motagua Championships Ten: Run Back and Trick the Marathon

Motagua Championships Ten: Run Back and Trick the Marathon

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Motagua football club On Sunday he showed why he is the soccer champion of Honduras. The Blues with ten for sixty minutes, came from behind and crushed Marathon 4-1 in Round 4 of the 2022-2023 opener National League.

The Eagles flew in front of their fans and had a nice sporting party against a team from San Pedro de San Pedro that had them bluffing again in the capital, Tegucigalpa.

Thanks to the victory, those he led Hernan Medina added 8 points and is already second in the standings, behind leaders Olympia, who has 12 points.

On the other hand, Marathon took his second straight defeat and continued in debt to the classics. Manuel Kocian’s team fell to fifth place with 6 points.


After only two minutes, central defender Carlos Melendez was unable to clear the ball in the small area but the attentive Jonathan Roger on his return to the starting line-up managed to keep the role. It was a warning to the defender on a bad afternoon.

In 15 minutes came the controversy of the meeting. Clavin Zuniga won Carlos Melendez was fouled by the defender outside the area, but central referee Oscar Moncada imposed a penalty and decided to send off the local centre-back.

Argentine striker Lucas Campana took advantage of the gift and scored the maximum penalty kick by deceiving Roger completely in the 17th minute.

Sampdranos had everything to win since he was on the scoreboard and with another player, but it was the other way around and they ended up making themselves an idiot.

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However, despite their numerical inferiority, the Blues managed with a large layer to show why they are the current champions of Honduran football.

43 minutes passed, central defenders Brian Molina and Alans Vargas played the ball poorly, and Ivan Lopez started from the middle of the field to enter the area and sent the ball into the net with a left-footed shot.

Feast in the second part

Hernan Medina and Manuel Cousian moved the board at the start of the second half: the Blues gave Eddie Hernandez in place of Roberto Moreira and the Greens to Odin Ramos in place of Isaac Castillo.

Only at the beginning of the group did the locals turn the score and go through criminal channels. The clear hand of Damien Ramirez and Diego Rodriguez in the 47th minute changed it for a goal.

It seems that Marathon was without one man and Motagua the other. The Blues, who were playing today in their gray uniforms, transformed it in a wonderful way.

In the 66th minute, the defender Alans Vargas scored in his own net after a cross from Marcelo Santos, who did what he wanted on the right wing.

The Eagles continued to dance to the purslane and in the finale, Eddie Hernandez, when the 90th minute was played, was responsible for setting up the final 4-1.

data sheet:

Motagua: Jonathan Roger; Denil Maldonado, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Santos, Wesley Decas; Hector Castellanos (Walter Martinez), Juan Angel Delgado (Juan Delgado), Jonathan Nunez, Diego Rodriguez (Jesse Moncada); Evan Lopez and Roberto Moreira (Eddie Hernandez)

Marathon: Rafa Garcia; Felix Crisanto, Alans Vargas, Brian Molina, Javier Arriaga (Jose Aguilera); Sergio Peña, Isaac Castillo, Damien Ramirez, Juan Vieira (César Guillen); Clavin Zigga (Denilson Nunez) and Lucas Campana (Byron Rodriguez).

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