Motagua defeats Vida and qualifies for the Clausura semi-finals, where they face Real Spain – Diez.

Motagua defeats Vida and qualifies for the Clausura semi-finals, where they face Real Spain – Diez.

At the end of wilt, and Motagua defeated Vida 3-0 On the national stadium with a score of 4-1 in general, they qualified for the semi-finals of the End of 2021 Where he will face Real Spain.

Hurricane targets were out of action Kevin Lopez The 68th, Reinieri Mayorquín To 77 and Gonzalo Closiner Al 83.

An upcoming classic in the tournament semi-finals. The Blues will open the key at home and close in San Pedro Sula.

Roger saved his bow in a tight first inning

The Portuguese coach surprised with 11 Don Luis Palma, Alexandre Aguilar and Angel Tejeda. One is due to injury, and the other two are due to a technical decision.

Coconut trees with a line of five and two quickly started the attack and had to open the account at first, but found the inspiring Jonathan Roger who showed off with three covers in the first three minutes.

The first had to leave the small area and cover a shot from Everson Sacaza that entered, the second with a header from Geoffrey Flores and the third from Oliver Morazan.

After that, the Blues arranged the lines and began to control the ball and try to make their game with the middle to the area, but they found a team back, leaving no gaps, and with three towers all the balls were taken.

Marco Vega tried to do so with Chile on 28 and “Pepo” Lopez hit a Juan Pablo Montes shot outside the goal line in the 39th minute.

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Motagua was inspired and not lost on the competitor

He started the sequel with the same tonic, with a team from Seba closing behind him and looking to surprise on the counterattack. But Diego Vásquez sent Ivan “Chino” Lopez to the field and thus changed the course of the meeting.

Chino became a nuisance to the coconut’s defense, and the first target passed through his feet. In the 68th minute, from the left side, he sent a cross to the far post, which Roberto Moreira put his head on and left it to Kevin Lopez, who sent it to the net from the right side.

A severe blow to life he did not know how to recover from. Mira responded immediately by entering Guillermo Chavasco and Danilo Palacios. The Uruguayan side participated in an offensive match and eliminated balls.

Diego responded by bringing in Juan Delgado and Renri Mayorquin and regaining control of the midfield.

Mayorquín in 77 after removing the mark with a hook and sending it to the bottom. Gonzalo Klossner, 83, put specific characters on a balloon that badly took “Bebo” Lopez.

Motagua is in the semi-finals, gentlemen, and we have the key to stop the heart in front of Real Spain.

data sheet:

Motagua: Jonathan Rogier, Christopher Melendez, Marcelo Pereira, Juan Pablo Montes, Omar Elver, Kevin Lopez, Sergio Peña, Matthias Galález, Walter Martinez, Marco Vega and Roberto Moreira. DT: Diego Vasquez.

the changes
Accurate. 59
Enter: Evan Lopez
Off: Walter Martinez

Accurate. 73
Enter: Juan Delgado
Off: Matthias Galvaliz

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Enter: Reinieri Mayorquín
Off: Sergio Peña

Accurate. 79
Intra: Gonzalo Closiner
Sale: Marco Vega

Enter: Jesse Moncada
Off: Kevin Lopez

Life time: Roberto Lopez, Jose Velasquez Colon, Carlos Melendez, Geoffrey Flores, Dennis Melendez, Carlos Sanchez, Carlos Arguita, Oliver Morazan, Roger Sander, William Perez and Iverson Sacaza. DT Fernando Mira.

the changes

Accurate. 63
Enter: elngel Tejeda
Sale: Iverson Sacaza

Accurate. 73
Enter: Guillermo Chavasco
Off: Geoffrey Flores

Enter: Danilo Palacios
Sale: Roger Sanders

Accurate. 79
Enter: Louis Melendez
Sale: Lumberth Perez.

Motagua: Javier Nunez (assistant), Roberto Moreira, Sergio Peña.
Life: Geoffrey Flores, Carlos Sanchez.

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