National holidays | Pedro Castillo sends a message surrounded by corruption cases to the Congress of the Republic | Independence Day | July 28 | Policy

National holidays |  Pedro Castillo sends a message surrounded by corruption cases to the Congress of the Republic |  Independence Day |  July 28 |  Policy

president Appears today before Congress to give him by The overshadowed first year of the ruling represented the alleged corruption cases in which he, his family and members of his immediate community were involved.

The foundations of his administration were shaken again after his handover Former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. This led the president to commit wrongful acts related, for example, to paying bribes for promotions in the police.

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In addition, they weigh in Castillo Terrones . Four of them due to events that occurred during his duties: the Puente Tarata cases, promotions in the armed forces and Pietro Peru, as well as sudden changes in the Ministry of the Interior, who was accused of alleged criminal offenses. Organisation, collusion, abuse of influence and personal cover-up. The fifth investigation relates to the alleged plagiarism of the master’s thesis, and the investigation into the commission of the crimes of aggravated plagiarism, public falsehood and undeserved payment.

Throughout his administration, Castillo had four vaults with members who were seriously questioned. at the moment, under processing. Meanwhile, there are still people from his environment involved in acts of absolute corruption: his nephew Fray Vázquez and former Minister of Transport Juan Silva.

Pedro Castillo will determine the changes in the cabinet after the national holidays are celebrated, according to executive sources. / jonel Rodriguez Robles

It is that part of the theater where Castillo has to make his announcements. Yesterday, the President of the Republic received in his office from his advisors and reviewed a draft indicating the progress of the general elections, according to a source from trade.

The truth does not seem unreasonable given that Prime Minister Anibal Torres himself asserted that for the message he gave on March 15 to Congress, Castillo had been prepared to present an initiative in order to advance the elections. But he backed off “at the last minute” to make a “last attempt to reach an agreement”.

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The issue, as is known, is again on the table in the government, although positions are currently divided and without a final decision. We are walking in the spirit of consensus and not with the intention of hitting the country. The country needs peace. Another government source said that holding the elections disrupts democratic processes and this is not true.

Despite all the interrogation of the head of state and the corruption investigations against him, another source in the palace confirmed: “The message is to strengthen democracy, balance of power, and solidity against the insecurity of the citizen and to fight corruption.”

Other official sources commented that among the topics that will be mentioned in the letter are the reform of the pension system and the process of joining the police. In June, during a speech at Yaoyos, Castillo declared that his message would “bring more than surprise”. Meanwhile, the president maintains his intention to make at least five cabinet changes capping celebrations of national holidays.


“We’re going to listen to him, and we’ll see what he’s going to tell us specifically about the corruption cases,” said Congress President Ms Cummons. Thus, she represented the center of anticipation around the head of state’s message. Guillermo Bermejo, a legislator from Democratic Peru who has held several meetings with Castillo, said he hoped “it will be a call for peace, a call for a truce between state authorities.”

in conversation with tradeHernando Guerra García, a spokesman for Fuerza Popular, noted that his party had few expectations because Castillo had little credibility. We hope to hear that he is resigning from the presidency. We don’t understand how he can talk to us about anti-corruption when he’s involved, based on Pacheco’s statements and investigations. “It would be very difficult to deny that,” he said. He pointed out that we “in days can be final for this government.”

For Jorge Montoya, spokesperson for Renovación Popular, the president should make a central reference to the corruption cases he has been involved in. More than that, it should be their commitment to telling the truth, and their commitment to justice. If you are not directly involved in corruption cases, state this; And if that happened, they would announce his resignation.”

Pedro Castillo will go to Congress, which has a new board headed by Mrs. Cummons (APP).  She took over from Maria del Carmen Alva (AP).
Pedro Castillo will go to Congress, which has a new board headed by Mrs. Cummons (APP). She took over from Maria del Carmen Alva (AP).

Jose Williams, a spokesman for Avanza Paes, agreed that the main theme of the letter should be anti-corruption, “but I think it won’t, because it is interfering more and more.” He pointed out that the other axes of the discourse should be economic revitalization and social integration.

Eduardo Salhuana, a spokesman for the Alliance for Progress, said it was difficult to expect anything substantive from President Castillo given his “fairly poor administration”. The issue of corruption should be central, it is too complex for him. Bruno Pacheco is very close to him, his statements can complicate the stability of the president. We’ll see if he separates himself strongly from Pacheco. We will see what he tells us about his administration of the government.

In reading by Carol Paredes, of Acción Popular, other issues that must be addressed – in addition to anti-corruption measures – are citizen security, revitalization of the economy, unemployment, education and health. “I hope that the statements made by Mr. Pacheco, Carlem Lopez and Zamir Villaverde will send evidence regarding all the accused. He stressed that the matter is clear once and for all so that we are not in this dilemma, because we are doing great harm to our country.

Unconsolidated legislator Carlos Anderson said he did not expect anything good from Castillo. “Right now, he’s in a panic because of what he knows is coming to him,” he said.


And it is precisely Anderson who, in protest of Castillo, suggested that lawmakers withdraw from their seats when the president enters the room to deliver his message.

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I’ll wait for the president to come to Congress. The moment he should make his speech, I will withdraw from Congress as a gesture of citizen discontent. The president cannot come to Congress and pretend that nothing has happened. You have to understand that there is citizen anger. Will he come and talk to us about everything that has already happened? no ” trade.

Carlos Anderson, an inseparable congressman, called on his colleagues in Parliament to express their protest against President Pedro Castillo.
Carlos Anderson, an inseparable congressman, called on his colleagues in Parliament to express their protest against President Pedro Castillo.

Lawmakers from other circles, after consulting in this newspaper, disagreed with this initiative, but did not rule out any protest action against the president. Guerra García noted that Popular Force does not rule out any action, because “there are many ways to demonstrate without spoiling and respecting the moment.”

“We will evaluate, but I consider the position to be different from the character. Character is something else.” For her part, her colleague Patricia Chirinos told the press: “I would like to retire. We did not discuss it off the bench, but we have to take some measures.”

Carol Paredes said she preferred to listen to the president and jot down what he said, though she admitted: “A year into his administration, I don’t know what his assessment would be, his balance, because we haven’t seen anything . . . “

Jorge Montoya also noted that members of Congress should listen to the president whether they like it or not, as there are other ways to express disapproval of the president’s position. “I think you have to maintain a level of respect, there are other ways to exercise political control,” said Eduardo Salhuana.

“It is an act that can be quite contentious and confrontational. I think we should respect his position as president and he should come to the palace to present his report,” Enrique Wong, of Podemos Peru, told the press.

Finally, the legislators consulted expressed their support for the assessment of the vacant presidential position based on indicators of corruption still emerging against Castelo Terrones.

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