Two non-negotiable conditions PQ gave Shakira to move to Miami with her children

Two non-negotiable conditions PQ gave Shakira to move to Miami with her children


Gerard PQ Y Shakira made one of the most unexpected news of the year. They have two children in common since 2010, ending their monogamous relationship.

Bigway breaks up with the girl he was allegedly seeing

Newspaper At the end of May, the Colombian singer announced that the footballer had been seen dating another woman. Since then, dozens of rumors have circulated, and a few days later, the couple confirmed their separation.

now, Shakira Try it out PQ Accept that her children will go with her to Miami, but, so far, the guardian is skeptical and has not moved forward.

‘Mamarasis’ Newspaper The reason the coffee maker left Barcelona was that after ending her relationship with the player, they assured her that she would no longer be able to do anything in the city.

However, recent reports suggest that in reality, his determination to go to the US was more due to press harassment, after learning that he would face a tax fraud investigation.

Piqué was caught listening to one of Shakira’s songs

One of the biggest drawbacks PQ Accepting his ex-partner’s request, being active means he can’t travel to Miami regularly to see his kids, so he likes it. Sasha Y Milan In Barcelona. ShakiraInstead, she feels that she needs to regain control of her life, keeping the young children by her side.

Two non-negotiable conditions

On the other hand, this may all have changed in recent days, according to Telemundo’s ‘La Mesa Hot’. Obviously, the guardian has his children’s welfare in mind, although he would have put forward two non-negotiable conditions. Shakira.

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On the one hand, PQ He would have asked the singer to give it Five first class flight tickets A year to see his heirs. Spanish, on the other hand, prefers Shakira Pay one Outstanding loan It is said to be 400 thousand dollars.

Revealed: Two negotiable conditions offered by PQ for Shakira to move to Miami with her children

PK speaks about the situation for the first time

Defender, pre-season Barcelona As for America, he broke the silence after the storm broke and spoke publicly for the first time in a brief conversation with TV3 show ‘Nex’.

“They have a number one dad and a number one mom. It’s hard for them,” he limited himself before saying. Gerrard About the media pressure their children are exposed to.

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