Navarra, very metropolitan, and a new outdoor space: La Plaza

Navarra, very metropolitan, and a new outdoor space: La Plaza

The locale is another very present year at the Punto de Vista. CircuitA film by Navarese director Marina Lameiro, filmed during a rock band farewell tour of Navarre Berry Texarac, will be shown for the first time in the world today at the festival’s opening. This feature-length film has also garnered regional government support with Generazinema grants.

Another notable section of this edition Aesthetic view, Where the “newer and more dangerous” films from the Basque Country and Navarre documentary productions will be shown. It explores this year’s selection of titles through different technologies – archive photography, text messages and phone conversations – reconstructed CVs with Voice in turning offHe proposes a meditation on memories, life’s journeys, and the historical heritage of Basque Country. As part of this program, the following films will be shown: the sky is blue (2020) by Lur Olaizola, Note picture (2020) by Peio Aguirre, Bankruptcy cases (2020) by Koldo Almandoz and Maria Elorza and Agenia (2019) Maria? Sanchez.

Additionally, Punto de Vista 2021 will host the world premiere of Be careful there, Project Alberto Gracia, which was the winner of X Films 2020, is an invitation that provides an opportunity for budding filmmakers to create new work and seeks to bring new voices closer to Navarre’s documentary scene.

Finally, for another year, Napardocs will be held, an annual meeting point of reflection for those making documentaries in Navarre, and an open space for discussion around three working groups: directing, production and distribution. This activity is organized by the Navarra Association of Audiovisual Production Companies and Professionals, NAPAR.

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New era This year’s Documentary Film Festival has a new meeting space organized in cooperation with Pamplona City Council: La Plaza. An outdoor tent is set up at the Plaza de Baluarte, the main venue of the festival, where the audience in attendance can meet and attend the various activities.

There will be press conferences for the festival, and a date will be set twice a day with free entry until the capacity of the plot established by the city council during the year 2020 in The No Sanfermines, A talk will be organized on Circuit With Marina Lameiro, Gorka Urbizu and Garbiñe Ortega, the content of previous years of Punto de Vista will be shown and the aforementioned Napardocs meeting will be organized.

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