NBA: Jazz’s journey to Memphis may end in tragedy

NBA: Jazz’s journey to Memphis may end in tragedy


01/04/2021 –

TheYou are Jazz They won 107-111 on their visit to Memphis with 26 points Mike Conley, The ex from the Grizzlies family. But none of that was more important than bumpy Whoever UTA team can It ends in tragedy.

Minutes after takeoff at Salt Lake City AirportThe plane in which the best team of the season was traveling collided with a flock of birds as a result Destroy one of the engines. The plane had to make an emergency landing at the departure airport and the mission had to change planes to be able to start the flight again to Memphis.

But not everyone was on board. Donovan MitchellFor example, he decided to stay in Salt Lake City after a panic. The team cited “personal reasons”. They were after an emergency landing. And this is Spida He has previously expressed fear of flying on several occasions Of course, live experience helps very little to overcome it. This was Mitchell’s tweet from the plane.

Mitchell’s colleagues understood their captain’s reaction: “He was crazy, he set my limits. Of course I understand that Mitchell didn’t get on the plane.”

To understand what the jazz team experienced in the air and the severity of the situation, you just have to read what Connelly said:I thought the plane broke up in midair. For a moment we think nothing can help us. Fortunately it wasn’t that serious, but we panicked for sure. “

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The jazz team feels so strong that after one of the most painful experiences of their lives and playing without their star they manage to win in Memphis. Although it was more of a victory over the Grizzlies, the NBA leader celebrated being able to tell at home.

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