NBA | Los Angeles Lakers beat Brooklyn Nets without LeBron and Anthony Davis | Video

NBA |  Los Angeles Lakers beat Brooklyn Nets without LeBron and Anthony Davis |  Video

It was a game that everyone wanted to watch, but the lack of key players made it another game. Los Angeles Lakers Y Brooklyn nets Collided Saturday night NBA, Without LeBron James, Anthony Davis Y James Horton. They were each caused by different injuries.

The Lakers got off to a tough start in the first quarter, taking an 11-point lead in the opening minutes. Thanks for Part 18-7. Andre Drummond, as has already happened against the Miami Heat, He is required at the start of the meeting with 7 units in the passage of the game which ended in a win in the 33-25 quarter.

The California ownership started with the first intensity in the second quarter and extended the lead to 10 points: 43-33. However, The Nets’ power took 17-3 and led to a 56-52 area lead. The Lockers recovered and went on to rest 61-58.

Angelenos took advantage of the expulsion Kyrie Irving Now, Kevin Torrent It lacks its two main sides: Horton, the injured and the aforementioned Irving. The environment was greatly exploited Los Angeles Lakers, With the final conclusion of 126-101.

Dennis Schrder and Kyrie Irving were eliminated

A strange situation occurred in the second half Dennis Schroeder and Kyrie Irving were sent on. Considering the pictures, both players insulted each other without any physical argument, which resulted in a slightly overstatement on the part of the judges.

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