Jones: Kudos to Koby for removing Cavs’ dead weight

Koby Altman detoxified the Cavs locker room with the moves he made at the trade deadline.

Some random pindowns with training camps just around the next bend…

Garbage-pail guy

While the Kyrie Irving trade will all but assuredly be the move that defines the career of Koby Altman, the feeling here is he could find a side gig should he have the desire.

As a waste-disposal employee. AKA, a garbage man.

For the general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, if nothing else, deserves more than a bit of credit for taking the trash out of the locker room at the trade deadline last season.

As in, Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose, specifically.

For all the talk of what having Wade around for the postseason would have done for the Cavaliers, his performance after he returned “home” to Miami was not going to happen in Cleveland.

He was too busy checking his phone — at halftime of Cavs games — on what was going on with the Heat, at least according to none other than good buddy LeBron James.

As for Thomas, he should be dubbed, “The Mouse that Roared.” For all his bluster, the 5-foot-9 Thomas proved to be full of… well, hot air.

Granted, the guy was never healthy during his time in Cleveland and it remains to be seen if he’ll ever come close to resembling the player he was when he led the Eastern Conference in scoring two seasons ago.

After being traded by the Cavs to the Lakers with good guy Channing Frye and Cleveland’s 2018 first-round draft pick, Thomas was not brought back after the season by LA and signed for the NBA minimum of $2.4 million with the Denver Nuggets… and promptly vowed to make the playoffs.

However, the aspect of Wade and Thomas that stinks the most was their reported attacks on Kevin Love, after he left a game against Oklahoma City and Quicken Loans Arena before the game concluded and missed practice the next day.

Upon Love’s return, Wade and Thomas reportedly went at him verbally, questioning his dedication to the team.

How big of fools do Wade and Thomas appear after it was revealed Love was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks?

Then, there’s Rose. The 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player and current China Doll has left his teams in each of the last two seasons.

Two years ago, it was in New York, when he literally went AWOL from the Knicks before a game against New Orleans to fly home to Chicago to tend to a family issue involving his mother. Rose did so without informing anyone in the organization, which could not even reach him during his absence. He returned to the Knicks the next day, only then explaining why he left.

Last season, it was in Cleveland, when he was rehabilitating the latest in his long line of injuries and departed to reportedly contemplate his future in the game and perhaps retirement, though he at least informed Cavs officials he was doing so. He returned two weeks later.

After he was traded to Utah along with Jae Crowder for Rodney Hood on Feb. 8, the Jazz promptly waived him. He landed with old pal Tom Thibodeau and promptly averaged 5.8 points in nine regular-season games.

To his credit, Rose answered the bell in a big way in the playoffs against the Houston Rockets, averaging 14.2 points in 24 minutes in five games, shooting a spectacular 70 percent from the field. Unlike Wade and Thomas, Rose wasn’t disruptive and it was great to see him bounce back and find a comfort zone with Thibodeau.

The Timberwolves brought Rose back for this season. It will be interesting to see if he can make it through the season without bailing on his team for the first time in three years.

As for the other guys dealt at the deadline, Frye has since returned to the Cavs on a one-way deal, Crowder has apparently rediscovered his game in Utah and to the surprise of absolutely no one, Iman Shumpert opted in on his $11 million player oprion with Sacramento.

So, a tip of my hard hat to Koby Altman, the Cavaliers’ resident waste-disposal guy in training.

On second thought…

Speaking of James, his many defenders rationalize his 3-6 record in NBA Finals as compared to Michael Jordan’s perfect 6-0 mark by saying Jordan had Hall-of-Fame tag-team partners surrounding him in the form of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, as well as a Hall of Fame coach in Phil Jackson while James has been surrounded by, well, in relation to column item No. 1, hot garbage.

Hmmm…. well, in Miami, James played with future Hall of Famers Wade and Chris Bosh.

In his first three reasons in his second stint in Cleveland, James played with potential Hall of Famers Irving and Kevin Love.

Hot garbage?

Nope. Hot… excuses.

Whatever happened to…

Larry Sanders?

Anyone…? Anyone…?

Bueller? Bueller… ?

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  1. Danny Everett | September 11, 2018 at 4:05 am |

    About Lebron’s 3-6 record four of the losts is with Cleveland and not having a future hall of fame coach was a big factor. Also three of the years he lost with Cleveland he did not have future hall of fame players with him in the finals. He is one and one in Cleveland when Love and Irving played with him in the finals. Wade has been a shell of his self since before Lebron came to Miami and Bosh was trying to find him self the whole time Lebron was there due to not the best coaching. The Lakers have a better chance with the players put together than Cleveland. Give Lebron some consistent healthy players plus good coaching and see what happens. Jorden had consistent role players and stars that knew their roles and consistently fulfilled them.

  2. job not done. t.t. and j.r. still here

  3. Agreed. Not getting the kudos he deserves I would suggest, much in the same way David Griffin didn’t get the brickbats he deserved for putting some Cavs players on the horrendous contracts they received during his tender, regardless of whether it brought a championship and helped us to 4 straight NBA Finals. He left the Cavs salary cap in a horrible position, with near untradeable contracts.

  4. Is it training camp yet???? Can’t wait for season to start!!!

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