necessary knowledge

necessary knowledge

Sometimes little is recognized, questioned, and always with little funding, but let’s ask what would we do without science? Just look around to see that we are surrounded by advances in science and technology applied to our daily lives.

We will or may not agree very much, but science has also changed our social order, and even the way we interact.

Simply put, the progress in communication between them the phone that a few years ago was a feat to own one in the house, now it is personal, if we add what we wear and eat and convey our health, which is improved thanks to medicines and vaccines, although some do not believe in them.

In the twentieth century, life expectancy rose from a median recorded in the 1960s of 52.5 years, to a current average of 72 years.

A little less than a hundred years ago, we had little idea about DNA, nor how a cell could become an organism, nor could we imagine seeing images of Mars transmitted by satellite. And so we can continue to proclaim the progress of science and realize that this is an expression of human curiosity, creativity, and knowledge.

Since science is a human product, it is also full of passions, passions, interests, loved ones, and setbacks of heart among other circumstances which also add sentimentality to discoveries, such as prizes given to one who solves a problem, an example of which length would apply to the Navigation Prize in England which was not Not for an astronomer but for a watchmaker with experience and imagination, or one for whom Napoleon paid and who was able to preserve food for his armies on long journeys without decomposing, the prize was that it was brought by Nicolás Appert, the French inventor and precursor of pasteurization, as well as the utility of armies, We have canned and canned foods, among others.

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Currently, those who conduct scientific research in our country continue to go through the same long-term experiences of misunderstanding such an important work, as well as a lack of funding. History has shown that science is the triumph of human knowledge, so investing in intelligence that produces knowledge is the best proposal for facing a changing and uncertain world and the best choice for future generations.

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