Yalitza Aparicio triumphs with MICROTOP on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Alejandro Sanz: PHOTO

Yalitza Aparicio triumphs with MICROTOP on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Alejandro Sanz: PHOTO

at recent days an actress A Mexican woman who gained international fame thanks to her acting in the Oscar-winning film, “Roma” by Alfonso Cuaron, has attracted media attention. international.

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Although it is customary to see Yalitza Aparicio To appear in the biggest parties at the international level, specifically those referring to the Film Syndicate, and the truth is that this time it was surprising that the original telexiacoOaxaca, on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

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Yalitza Aparicio Surprises in Hollywood

This is because this afternoon Friday On October 1, Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz gathered at this emblematic site to get more and nothing less than his star on Paseo de la Fame.

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In addition to the event attracting international attention due to its nature, the truth is that very Attracted to the spotlight is the fact that Yalitza Aparicio He was one of the people responsible for giving a few words on the podium addressed to Alejandro Sanz.

Let’s remember that Sanz has established himself as one of the most internationally successful performers in the world of speech music. SpanishAnd now his career has been honored with the Distinguished Medal in Hall of Fame With the greatest stars in history civilization pop.

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Yalitza Aparicio captivates with her clothes

However, the actress who was really surprised to appear at this party Mexican, who served as a bridesmaid in this historical moment for Alejandro Sanz.

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The looks were instantly attracted is over That the Mexican actress looked radiant at the opening of this painting in Hollywood, this Because Who was wearing a great costume, as he explained that Aparicio was wearing microtube In the same gray color, accompanied by a white jacket and trousers of the same color the color.

last of things What caught the attention is that before the star opened on the Walk of Fame, Yalitza attracted the eyes of millions of her fans after she bragged on the networks social A bouquet of beautiful flowers I received from Alejandro Sanz, Who thanked the actress “Roma” for her cooperation in this special event for him.

Yalitza Aparicio looked radiant next to Alejandro Sanz. IG pictures:

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