Health will accelerate the vaccination rate this week by giving 4,500 daily doses

Health will accelerate the vaccination rate this week by giving 4,500 daily doses

Osakidetza yesterday administered around 4,500 doses Against the Coronavirus, on one of the days that more vaccines were given since the start of the campaign. And the predictions of the Ministry of Health are that This speed “will increase throughout this week”Gotzone Sagardui advisor offered today. If expectations are met, the Basque Country will close the week on Sunday with more vaccines injected so far, with a figure that will be between 25,000 and 30,000 units. Everything will depend on whether it is also possible to maintain this vaccination rate on Saturday and Sunday. So far, 133,596 vaccines have been administered in the Basque Country, of which 85,101 were first doses and 48,495 seconds.

Sagardoy did not want to go into detail about why the Basque Country gave 13,511 preventive treatments last week, 35% less than the 20,796 punctures between February 12 and 19, and denied a slowdown in the speed of vaccination. “The vaccination rate is maintained Last week some AstraZeneca vaccines were distributed to specific groups., In reference to ertzainas, teachers, local police or firefighters. Preventive treatment did not begin in the second two groups until Monday. In the case of teachers, the campaign began on Friday with the certification method for these professionals by giving only 60 vaccines.

The consultant also did not explain why only 4,331 first doses were given among Osakidetza specialists last week compared to 8,853 previous doses. The Basque government expects to complete the first round of vaccination for 42,000 Osakiditza specialists before Monday., As the chancellor announced. On Sunday 28, 31,901 Basque Health Service latrines had already received their initial injection.

Sagardoy says the infected doctor is in the Santa Marina outbreak

With regard to the vaccination of people over the age of 100, Sagardoy realized that “a large number” of the 1,800 people that the Basque government announced that they would receive “died or went to other communities.” The consultant attributed this mismatch to the fact that the Osakidetza databases are due to the fact that the update process takes some time and occurs when Social Security reviews the death data. She pointed out that the campaign in this age group ended with 866 people over 100 years who were vaccinated last week, “whoever wanted.” The advisor emphasized that the Ministry of Health communicated in all cases with the elderly registered in its database or with their families.

Health recommends that you take paracetamol before getting the AstraZeneca vaccine

To prevent something similar from happening with the group of people over the age of 90, the advisor indicated that they will review that 30,000 non-Basques have had a healthy activity recently. Something that can be verified with TIS or the recent influenza campaign to avoid “disturbing the relatives of those people who died and not causing them extra pain.” The campaign began in this age group yesterday, and on the first day alone, the first dose was administered to more than 290 people over 90.

Gotzone Sagardui “For the time being” ruled out the establishment of a large area for vaccination in Bizkaia and Alava, Like the show that premiered in San Sebastian today. But he stressed that “in light of the process” of the results achieved in the field of Elonby’s vaccine, “and that we are receiving more doses, we will not do it in other regions.”

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