Newline aims to maximize workspace with Flex »MuyCanal

Newline aims to maximize workspace with Flex »MuyCanal

It is no longer news that the workspace has changed. For many, the home became the new professional office and with it changed needs. Realized this ever since New Line Lanza FlexScreen adapted to meet the major needs of the new work and education era.

The screen provides a high-quality touch, writing and video conferencing experience. Consequently, he proposes a more flexible work experience that increases productivity and seeks to revolutionize the workplace and education environment.

The Flex a screen suggests 4K picture quality with 8 microphones It allows to capture sound without echo or background noise. Flex tilts easily allowing the screen to adapt to the desired position, making writing or touching the screen as natural as doing it on paper. Newline’s new solution includes a magnetic stylus on the side that works with Windows Ink and provides the ability to write on any document and save notes regardless of the program used. Plus, with Windows Hello support, you can unlock your laptop to access all content.

As in all interactive solutions from the manufacturer, the use of Flex is the same intuitive It does not require prior training or complicated installations. Once connected to the computer via USB-C, the user can enjoy all the benefits that the device has to offer.

In the words of Jaime Montego, Newline Product Manager:

Our challenge was to assemble the tools needed to make the collaboration as intuitive as possible. The best qualities deliver the best results. We were looking for the right size device that needed no training and with great design. Flex is this product. “

Flex launched at a global event on December 1 and will be available soon.

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