Dominicana is the leader with 20 coronations

Dominicana is the leader with 20 coronations

In the second stage of the Caribbean Series, which began in 1970, the Dominican Republic was the most successful country with 20 titles.

Dominicans follow Puerto Rico with 12, Mexico with nine, and Venezuela with seven. In 1981 there was no series due to a players’ strike.

In the first stage, from 1949 to 1960, Cuba achieved seven (plus 2015), Puerto Rico four, and Panama one (plus 2019). This means that the accession of the Dominican Republic to the two phases, in any case, maintains its leadership for life with four crowns over the Puerto Ricans.

Los Tigres del Licey 10 crowns
1971 Tigres achieved a major clearance from Manuel Mota in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as they dominated the series unbeaten (6-0).

Mota was the winning manager, batting leader (19–11, .579) and all-star field where Jim Beauchamp (1B) and Teodoro Martinez (2B) joined him.

1973 Licey achieves his second crown in Caracas, Venezuela, led by Tom Lasorda of the Color Scoring 5–1.

Bobby Valentine was the MVP and All-Star Shortstop, a team joined by defending players and batting leaders Mota and Jesús Rojas Alou (24-12, .500), and receiver Steve Yeager and Steve Garvey III. Pedro Bourbon and Doyle Alexander scored 2-0.

1977 Tigres reached the third and second championships without defeat (6-0), under the guidance of coach Bob Rodgers and defeating Ricardo Carte in Caracas, Venezuela.

Karti was set home (5) and was the best in RBIs (10) and running (8), as well as the most valuable player.

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Teodoro Martinez (SS), Mario Guerrero (3B), Ed Hallecke (RHP) and Stan Wall (LZ) make up the All Stars team.

1980 Licey gave the Dominican Republic its first Caribbean crown, hosted the series, and finished at # 4-2 with Del Crandall as manager.

Rudi Law excelled as a midfielder and all-star player. Co-driving Mickey Hatcher (6) and Leon Durham in home races (1).

Durham (1B), Damso Garcia (2B), Jerome Dibzinski (SS), Teodoro Martinez (3B) and Denis Liulin (right shooter) were on the perfect team.

1985 Tigres went to Mazatán, Mexico and won again 5-1 with manager Terry Collins.

José Rijo was all-star best player and savior (three matches saved). Glenn Davis (1B), the captain in his three-teammates, and George Bale (LF), captain in 5 sprinting were also on the perfect team alongside midfielder David Green.

1991 in Miami, Licey was unbeaten 5-0 and averaged 10 runs per game. John Rosboro was the winning director. Gerónimo Berroa was the left-wing MVP All-Star player and batting leader (.471).

Jerry Brooks led the RBIs (10), and Mélido Pérez was 2-0. Henri Rodriguez (1B), Juan Bell (SS), Andujar Cedeño (3B) and Perez were all stars.

1994 Lacey wins his seventh title in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, 5-1, under Casey Parsons. He led midfielder Raul Mundesi in batting (.450), scoring (6) and the primary player dominating Game Boy in home runs (3) and RBIs (11).

They are joined by Alex Arias (3B) and Julian Tavares (right shooter) on the All-Star Team.

1999 In an extra match, the Tigres (5-2) defeated Mayagüez (4-3) in San Juan, to win their eighth and third consecutive titles, at the time, for the Dominican Republic.

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Dave Gauss was the manager and Nevi Perez, all-star shortstop best player and pioneer in running (12). David Ortiz led the RBI with nine laps. Henry Mercedes (catcher), Mane Martinez (midfielder), Luis Bologna (designated hitter) and Miguel Battista (right shooter) made up the perfect team.

2004 El Licey was renamed, to complete the Nine Crowns, when the series was played in Santo Domingo, 5-1.

Francis Beltran has rescued three times and was the most valuable player for the team led by Mane Acta.

José Overman was the co-leader of the RBIs (. 5), Mendy López (. 353) and Israel Alcántara (. 348) transported the wood well.

2008 Santiago de los Caballeros was chosen to stage the series this year, when Tigres, the national runner-up, was forced to take over due to the absence of a Puerto Rican actor who did not have a starring on that occasion.

Licey completed his 10th title with a score of 5–1 and twice defeating asguilas Cibaeñas, who overtaken them in the final series of the Dominican Championship.

All Stars team included Director Hector de la Cruz, right-handed and MVP, Ramon Ortiz; Defensive player Nelson Cruz and catcher Matt Tubman.

Las Águilas Cibaeñas 5 crowns
1997 Mike Quad led the Eagles to their first title in the Caribbean series after nine failed attempts.

Although the only recipient, Guillermo García (. 348-3-8) was All Star, Jose Overman (. 480), Tony Battista (.385-2-13), Luis Bologna (. 280-2-10) and Dario Yu (1-0, 0.00, 2 saves) will stand out.

1998 Las Aguilas continued their success the following year, in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, when they won unbeaten (6-0).

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Nevi Perez was the best player and captain of batting (.444, 27-12), strikes (12), doubles (6) and scored (9). The team put Guillermo Garcia (center), Alex Arias (1B), Perez (2B), Miguel Tejada (3B), Luis Bologna (LF), Julian Tavarez (RHP), Jose Cabrera (LR) and Toni all stars. Peña (leader).

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Fermín, Escogido, and the Bulls
the first show.

Los Toros del Este made their debut as champions in 2020 in Puerto Rico under Lino Rivera and with the performances of Peter O’Brien, MVP, Ramon Ramirez, Robin Sousa and Jordan Valdespine.

Four lions.
The Chosen One was crowned in 1988, 1990, 2010 and 2012. Phil Reagan, Felipe Allo and Ken Oberkville (2) were its directors. Rufino Linares, Geronimo Piero, Fernando Martinez and Gairo Asensio were the recipients of MVP awards in those versions.

Three of the cat.
Felix Fermin, who has always been with the Eagles, led the Creole victories in 2001, 2003 and 2007 with performances by Luis Bologna, Toni Batista, Miguel Tejada, David Ortiz, Raul Mundizi, Alberto Castillo, Anderson Hernandez, among others.

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