Nicaragua: The Ortega regime does not allow political prisoners to receive their lawyers or visits from relatives

Nicaragua: The Ortega regime does not allow political prisoners to receive their lawyers or visits from relatives
Nicaragua police officers arrest a protester (Photo: EFE)

police Nicaragua On Wednesday, I refused a humanitarian request by a group of 15 leaders and workers in an NGO, which was captured in The recent wave of arrests against opponentsYou can contact them lawyers s RelativesTheir legal representatives denounced.

Wives, sisters, daughters and sons subordinate political prisoners Go to the headquarters of the Legal Aid Directorate of the National Police, to request an interview with the detainees, But it was rejected by agents of the Directorate of Police and Special Operations Riot Control.

We’ve gone to the courts to try and appeal Hits, so that they have the right to contact with the outside world, so that they are guaranteed the right to a private audience And a defense with a lawyer of their choice, but they deny that in the judiciary, we come here and here and no one wants to receive anything from us at all,” said the opposition leader’s sister. Tamara Davila Vigil, Anna Alvarez Vigil, at an impromptu press conference.

Because authorities have not reported the prisoners’ whereabouts or their health status, most of them are being investigated for prosecuted crimes. “Betrayal of the country”consider them their relatives.MissingThey were also classified askidnappedIt was alleged that his arrest took place outside the law.

Juan Sebastian Chamorro, Jose Adan Aguirre, Felix Maradiaga and Violetta Granera
Juan Sebastian Chamorro, Jose Adan Aguirre, Felix Maradiaga and Violetta Granera

They continue to violate us and restrict our freedoms and the freedoms of our relatives who have been unlawfully and arbitrarily detained and kidnapped for up to 39 days.Said Alvarez, who served as the spokesperson for the Complainants.

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Relatives of the convicts claimed that the Nicaraguan constitution guarantees that people are She is considered innocent while being investigated, So what You have the right to visit lawyers And their relatives, however, complained about the treatment of the authorities.

It is an example of the institutional complicity that exists and how different dependencies should be on what the justice system should be In the service of the regime and dictatorshipAlvarez said all the cases were with complicity, the police, the judiciary, the attorney general’s office and the attorney general’s office.

The complainants identified themselves as relatives of opposition leaders Davila VigilAnd the Anna Margherita VigilAnd the Swin Barahona, s Violetta GraneraFormer Sandinista guerrilla defector Dora Maria TellesCandidates for the Presidency of the Republic Felix MaradijaAnd the Juan Sebastian Chamorro s Miguel Mora.

The concern, expressed in a letter to the Nicaraguan police, was also signed by the relatives of the former vice chancellors. Jose Ballet s Victor Hugo Tinoco The former deputyEdro Joaquin Chamorro Barrios.

Relatives of the sports writer also signed. Miguel Mendoza’s photo, from the dissolved Violetta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation Walter Gomez s Marco Fleetsas well as the driver of presidential candidate Christiana Chamorro, Pedro Vasquez.

at least 21 people are considered opponents It was acquired within the framework of the upcoming November 7 elections, in which the President of the Republic is taking place Daniel Ortega He is seeking re-election. In this election, Ortega will play 42 years of almost absolute precedence over politics in Nicaragua.

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(With information from EFE)

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