Nicolas Sturgeon Closure RECAP Statement: The Prime Minister sets dates for the reopening of retail and hospitality stores in Scotland

Nicolas Sturgeon Closure RECAP Statement: The Prime Minister sets dates for the reopening of retail and hospitality stores in Scotland

Last updated: Tuesday 16 March 2021 15:41

This is when bars and restaurants can reopen

Sturgeon announced the end of its “Stay Home” program on April 2nd

Foreign Minister warns of inaction

Warned against complacency, Nicola Sturgeon announced that restrictions would be eased in the coming weeks in Scotland.

The first minister said she hopes to be able to raise the home stay application and open retail and hospitality stores at various points next month, however work is still required to ensure that cases do not rise.

She said, “This is definitely what I have felt most optimistic about the situation for a long time.

However, as you’d expect, I need to add a note of caution.

“I know this is something that none of us want to hear, but the way back to normal depends on constant repression.”

The Prime Minister added, “We must continue to suppress it to the lowest possible level.”

‘Stay local’ replaces the ‘stay at home’ rule

The Prime Minister told MSPs that when the “stay at home” rule is lifted on April 2, it will be replaced by an order for Scots to “stay home”.

The change means that while people are allowed to leave their homes for non-essential reasons, they will only be allowed to travel outside their local authority areas for an essential purpose.

Sturgeon said the new rule will last for about three weeks, and help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus from one part of Scotland to another.

Scotland moves from Level 3 to Level 2 in May

“We hope, from that date, to allow in-house hospitality to return to a more normal state, with the possibility of serving alcohol indoors and within normal working hours, although there may be some ongoing restrictions – a requirement for people to book in two-hour slots,” she said. , For example. “

May 17 will also see the return of contact sports and indoor team training, as well as the reopening of cinemas, theme parks and bingo halls.

Sturgeon said it also expects restrictions on outdoor social gatherings to be eased.

Message from the editor:

Shield back to work on April 26th

As of April 26, people on the protection list can return to work; Children and youth who are on the protection list can return to school or nursery. Students on the shielding list can return to the college or university.

Nicola Sturgeon

This week the Chief Medical Officer will write to everyone on the protection checklist to provide more detailed advice.

Live indoor and outdoor events from May

Hospitality reopens from April 26

From that date on, cafes, restaurants and bars will be able to serve people outdoors – in groups of up to six members of three families – until 10pm. Alcoholic beverages will be permitted, and there will be no need to serve food.

Depending on the continued suppression of the virus, Ms Sturgeon suggested that there may be a limited internal opening of the hospitality from April 26 as well.

This will initially be limited to serving food and non-alcoholic beverages until 8 PM, and for groups of up to four people from more than two families.

As was the case last year, venues will need to retain contact details of customers for three weeks after their visit.

Raise the limits of weddings and funerals

On April 26th, the maximum number of attendees for weddings, funerals and associated receptions will be raised to 50 as of April 26.

Starting April 26, restrictions on outdoor social media will also be eased.

As of that date, six people from a maximum of three families will be able to meet outdoors – with no restrictions on travel on the mainland.

Sturgeon added that it is, at present, unable to determine whether internal visits will be permitted.

All tourist accommodations will reopen from April 26

Sturgeon said all tourist accommodations will be able to reopen from April 26, subject to any broader restrictions that remain in place.

It added that libraries, museums and galleries will reopen from April 26.

Work in people’s homes will resume from that date, as will leadership lessons. The gyms are also expected to reopen after that as well.

Scotland is expected to move to Level 3 on April 26

The First Secretary told the MSPs that she expects all of Scotland currently in Level 4 restrictions to move to a “modified” Level 3.

Island communities currently in Level 3 will have the option to move at that point to Level 2, although ministers will discuss this with local officials in the next few weeks.

Sturgeon also said that travel restrictions within mainland Scotland would be “lifted completely” on April 26.

“We hope that restrictions on flights between Scotland and other parts of the UK and the wider common travel area will be lifted, if not on April 26, then as soon as possible after that,” she added.

Learn on campus to re-start in April

The First Minister said she expects more students in further education to return to on-campus learning starting April 5.

She told MSPs: “Colleges will prioritize students whose return is essential – including those who are most at risk of not completing their courses.

“This includes those with qualifications in building, engineering, hairdressing, cosmetology, and related courses.”

Contact sports for children between the ages of 12 and 17 will also resume on that date.

Non-essential retail stores will reopen on April 5th

Click and receive retail services will be allowed to reopen from April 5, along with garden centers, homeware stores, car showrooms and front yards.

Sturgeon also said she expects barbershops and hairdressers to reopen for appointments on that date as well.

The ‘stay home’ rule will be lifted in April

The Prime Minister announced plans for the Scottish government to raise the “stay at home” rule for Scots on 2 April.

She said, “Initially, although we hope for no more than 3 weeks,” staying at home “will be replaced by guidelines for staying local – in other words, not to travel outside of your local authority area except for an essential purpose.

People will also continue to be able to meet outdoors, including in private gardens, in groups of no more than four from two families.

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