Salvador Nasrallah: If Yanni wants to join the coalition, welcome

Salvador Nasrallah: If Yanni wants to join the coalition, welcome

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Former President and Leader of the El Salvador Party in Honduras (PSH), Salvador NasrallahHe said on Monday that yes Yanni Rosenthal, Liberal Party candidate, Who wants to be part of an opposition coalition facing the general election, will have to do so in a “secret” way.

If Yanni wants to discreetly join the coalition that Salvador Nasrallah includes Louis Zelaya“For the sake of Honduras, it is welcome,” Nasrallah said in an interview with the capital. Cadena Voces Radio.

He stressed that he is thinking of “sweeping” not only at the presidential level but also about obtaining seats in the National Congress.

“People who make alliances Louis ZelayaAnd Salvador Nasrallah, Wilfredo Mendes and Nelson Avila, who are of goodwill to Honduras, we will ask them to vote in full. “

Nasrallah’s statements came a day after he announced in an interview, “with those who voted Yani Rosenthal Yes, we can alliances, but not with him. “

According to opinion polls published by the national media on Sunday night, Rosenthal of the Yanista movement has a lead over Luis Zelaya by more than 5%.

However, the National Electoral Council (CNE) The official results have not yet been released. Bulletins are expected to start on Monday afternoon, with first minutes counted.

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