No one ever told Bad Bunny it was “fake”. He punched The Miz in WWE

No one ever told Bad Bunny it was “fake”.  He punched The Miz in WWE

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Wasn’t it fake? Never notify someone The bad bunny You must take it carefully, otherwise it will show that there is real enmity with it DistinctionBecause Monday is penultimate RAW ahead of WrestleMania 37, the wrestling singer punched in the faceHe ended up colliding with his knees.

The Bad Bunny | golpea a The Miz | Video

he is puñetazo de Bad Bunny a The Miz It came after the mockery of the wrestler from Puerto Rico with a song called “Hey Hey, Hop Hop”. They appeared in the video mocking the artist who received a few weeks ago. Great guitarThis is not the first aggression between them with a precedent Spanks.

What does Bad Bunny do in WWE?

Since January we have seen a Reggaeton player in the biggest wrestling company in the world and everything has grown up since his launch. simple Booker T. As a tribute to the wrestler of the same name who belongs to the WWE Hall of Fame. That song allowed him Appeared in the Royal Rumble 2021 Even venturing out on the first chord throws.

From that moment on, he became a recurring character in RAW Monday, in partnership with Damian Priest. Although he didn’t fight an official battle as such, he was already a champion 24/7 and in recent weeks he’s been warming up. Rivalry with Miz, Who calls himself a true entertainment star and professional wrestler.

Bad Bunny will fight at WrestleMania

This seal in between The Bad Bunny And the Most must-watched stars It will have a climax at WrestleMania 37 Next Saturday, April 10th with Damien Priest and John Morrison as ring mates in a row.

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