“No wonder he’s not playing in America” ​​they attack George Mere after making a serious mistake

“No wonder he’s not playing in America” ​​they attack George Mere after making a serious mistake

The Spain centre-back has been the target of criticism following his Liga MX 2022 defeat against Cruz Azul vs Mazatlán.

George Murray is still from America.
© Figure 7George Murray is still from America.

George Mere He left America Just six months into the company for the start of 2022. The Spaniard did not enter the current coaching staff’s plans and was transferred Mazatlan for one year.

Despite the fact that the defender’s card still belongs to the Eagles, so far it is unlikely to fill the eye of Fernando Ortiz. A match against Cruz Azul Made a grave mistake It cost them a goal against the Gunners.

The first goal of the match came after Mere Couldn’t hit a ball in time. The 25-year-old defender took too long to react and Gonzalo Carneiro took advantage of this to cover Jorge’s clearance and send the ball into the back of the net.

In social networks, the name of George Mere became a trend, although in the way he wanted: “Even in the plains that error is not known“; “BMaldini appeared on Wednesday and no collapse today“;” JWearing yellow in the Aztecs He thought he was still in AmericaNOOOO don’t do that here“.

After this defeat, the Spaniard has only to look forward, as he fell well in Mazatlan, and from his hand is expected. Reach the 2022 opening match repsageWhere things get really tight.

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