The former director of Reside was “supporting the campus,” according to a center employee

The former director of Reside was “supporting the campus,” according to a center employee

A psychiatrist is not just a doctor, he is a doctor who is dedicated to his work and has an unparalleled desire to help… ”, in this way a staff member of the Center for Psychosocial Care and Human Development (Reside) described the work of Jose Lopez Mina, who has served as the director of the center since it opened its doors until last Friday.

After a conversation with journalists from Listín Diario with Community Roads in the Nueva Barqueta sector, where the care facility is located, The way Mona did her work has been proven As a psychiatrist, while looking to find out why he was fired.

A woman who has worked as a gatekeeper since Reside opened in 2019, shared with this newspaper her opinion on separating who for her was the “building breadwinner.”

“There are no words to describe that guy’s work in this hospital, you can see his passion for what he does. Always treat the staff as part of the CEOs, We hope they can reconsider this decision‘, said the woman, who decided to remain anonymous, justifying that she is a mother of two young girls and needs the job.

He added that the doctor does his job all the time, regardless of when it is worth performing the exercise.

“Sometimes he has arrived first before several employees, who are lower than him, in a job level, and because of the workload “He was the last one to kill himself,” he said.

During this newspaper’s tour of the area of ​​the center of attention, testimonies were also collected from people who said “they were not aware of the dismissal case”, however, when they found out, those who had already attended Reside wondered why Mina was no longer part of the Medical team.

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Said Manuel Figueroa, who once dealt with now Former housing manager.

Complaint about the deterioration of the center

Last Thursday, this medium published a message in it specialist Deplore the deteriorating situation Where is the center located?. The next day the termination letter arrived at his office.

Mina revealed that the Director of Mental Health for the National Health Service (SNS), Francis Baez, appeared at Reside’s headquarters; And Miguel Guzman, the supervisor in the management of the health district to which the center belongs, accompanied by about 20 people, to inform the decision.

This newspaper interviewed her, Sorry about the politicization of health servicesnoting that he only denounced the real situation of impact on programs due to staff shortages.

However, contrary to what the doctor recounted, Director of Hospital Centers of the National Health Service (SNS), Jocasta Lara, said, confirmed that The doctor breaks up has nothing to do With their statements about the difficulties In the service of the center because it was a decision already taken.

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