Noronha, Sheinbaum, and the political promises that turned into lies when they collided with reality

Noronha, Sheinbaum, and the political promises that turned into lies when they collided with reality

the Policy It is a social activity in which various groups participate Reconciling their interests Of negotiation. It is the area where the possible is often superimposed over the desirable, when reality reveals hype and propaganda A politician's promise turns into a lie. And according to history, we've had a lot of this in Mexico. The current ruling group continues this practice.

The design of the early presidential succession was based on the assumption that Morena fighters close to him would vie for power. Lopez Obrador. During the session, representatives of the parties allied with them, the Green Party and the Labor Party, were added. Six candidates for one job. Then came the first strategy to avoid dismantling the group, after its prior internal campaigns, and conducting a poll to determine the winner of the nomination and promising inclusion in the distribution of power.

The survey has been conducted. first place Claudia Sheinbaum, presidential candidate. Then consolation prizes. the second, Marcelo Ebrard, Morena Coordinator in the Senate, and the third, Adan Augusto Lopez, Parliamentary Coordinator in the House of Representatives; IV Gerardo Fernández Noronha, relevant position in the presidential government; The fifth is Manuel Velasco, multi-member senator, and the sixth is Ricardo Monreal, multi-member deputy.

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The power struggle within Morena and her guests is resolved. Claudia Sheinbaum won the presidency, and these days the process of appointing members of her government has begun. In parallel, media leaked information about who will lead the Morena parliamentary groups in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

On June 20, Claudia Sheinbaum introduced the first six members of her cabinet. There was Marcelo Ebrard, the incoming economy minister. It is noteworthy that the leaks related to the House of Representatives Ricardo Monreal As a coordinator for Morena and Adam Augusto Lopez He was proposed as Morena's coordinator in the Senate.

Consolation prizes come to those who struggle for power within Morena. Manuel Velasco said he wants to become coordinator of the Green Party in the Senate. The only person who did not receive the award was Gerardo Fernandez Noronha, and this worried him.

His upcoming arrival in the Senate as a multi-member is not enough for Gerardo Fernández Noronha. claimed these days He has not been mentioned for a relevant position in the next presidential governmentNo one had told him this, but he had already realized that he would not be the shepherd of the deputies or senators in Morena.

The consolation prizes did not arrive as promised. Marcelo Ebrard, who had questioned Claudia Sheinbaum's candidacy, had been rebellious for several months and had a marginal involvement in the presidential campaign, and was rewarded as Minister of Economy.

In the poll, Ricardo Monreal was in sixth place and He received the multi-member MP award and can also be the Morena coordinator in that chamber. Gone are the instances of disloyalty Sheinbaum accused him of over Morena's defeat, in 2021, in the Cuauhtémoc Mayor's Office, the distance where López Obrador placed him. He showed up on time and provided advantages in the presidential campaign, which was enough to continue to appear at the forefront of legislative politics.

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Multi-member Senator Adan Augusto Lopez could be Morena's next coordinator. His participation in the campaign was insignificant, but he reached this position supported by López Obrador's phrase, “He is my brother.” That was enough.

Gerardo Fernández Noronha's claim is that existing agreements were not fulfilled and that he did not receive fair treatment, although because of his standing in the internal poll, he should, at least, be appointed to some position in the following year's cabinet. He questioned the distribution of consolation prizes.

In sixth place, Monreal is sent to coordinate the House of Representatives, with all the bad reputation, with all the questioning, and with all the distrust of the people and the movement in it.…who came in fourth place with all the campaigning he did, to coordinate the Senate, Marcelo who bargained for a long time from the leadership of our hypothetical colleague, President Claudia Sheinbaum, to the Ministry of Economy And I, very good evening, hope it's very good(Political Animal, June 24, 2024)

The presidential succession was designed by López Obrador. Now the decisions to merge the next government mean another stage in it Reality triumphs over dutywhose name is Fernandez Noronha. Your profile is not compatible with public administrationBut it is useful in legislative debate, where its confrontational style is sometimes necessary.

The place you claim will come to you, it will be as big as what it represents. He earned a place in the foreign corculatas game. He is not a member of the Labor Party, of which he is a representative. Today Morena gave him a multi-member position in the Senate. His image and style are unpopular in the legislature.

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However, Claudia Sheinbaum sent him a message saying that she would talk to him soon He reminded him that he came to the Corcholatas game as a representative of the Workers' Party and that coordination in the Legislative Council came from Morena and not from the Workers' Party.

Once again, the possible was imposed on the desired, and the promise became a lie. This is politics, and it is also the field of perverted games. I should know that.

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