Offered Britney Greiner and Paul Whelan opposite Victor Bout, the US government confirms

Offered Britney Greiner and Paul Whelan opposite Victor Bout, the US government confirms

And then is an expected turn of events, then Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He came out publicly to accept that the United States had already submitted a file Show commercial for WNBA star Britney Grenier released.

But there is a big problem from the United States that may make the process a little longer. They want more than one person in return Russian arms dealer Viktor Boutthey ask Paul Whelan.

In 2020, Whelan was He was sentenced to 16 years in prison for espionage Although the United States described these allegations as false.

Blinken confirmed he’s trying to get a file Direct contact with Sergey Lavrov, Who is his Russian counterpart?

Lavrov is considering an offer to make the call and will issue a response soon. This is the first direct and public contact between the United States and Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.

What did Blinken say?

This is a piece of information that Blinken gave to the press and that CNN folks posted as a story before anyone else:

“We sent out a great show that we think could be a success based on that A history of conversations with the Russians. We reported this number a few weeks ago, in June. Tango takes two people. We start all negotiations for Repatriation of Americans held hostage Or he was unjustly held with a bad actor on the other side.

“We started this whole thing with someone who took an American human and I treated him as a bargaining chip. Somehow Not surprisinglyEven if it is frustrating, when these same actors do not necessarily respond directly to our offers, they do not engage constructively in the negotiations. The United States made a substantive proposal to Moscow a few weeks ago regarding Whelan and Greener,” he said.

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