Omar Montes will travel to space with Jeff Bezos

Omar Montes will travel to space with Jeff Bezos

Omar Montes is establishing himself as one of the most famous artists From our country, especially among the younger ones, after the release of his latest songs, the Pan Bendito singer surprised his loyal fans with an unexpected revelation. In an interview with the newspaperthe world‘, artist Pan Benedetto has revealed that he has been preparing to travel to space, and not just for fun, since then The famous Jeff Bezos would have asked him to accompany him on his space flight.

Omar Montes in space with Jeff Bezos

“Now they’re doing tests to make sure I can withstand the G-forces on takeoff, and for now, I’ve satisfactorily beaten them. I won’t deny that I’m scared, because I’ve seen the movie”InterstellarAnd wormholes impose a lot on me, but I want to be the second Spaniard to go into space after Pedro Duque‘, the confession began in this interview.

Obviously, it all goes back to one of his most famous songs with which he became known to the general public:blondewho does not fail to Playlist by Jeff Bezos. “The owner of Amazon wants me to be one of the crew members on his next space flight. He wrote me a private on Instagram because he had a Playlist my song’blondeHe suggested it to me and I accepted. In two years, we will establish contact with beings from other planets. But a strong connection: “Where do you live?” – Well, I live on Mars, ”he advanced.

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According to his statements, very soon Omar Montes will travel to space with Jeff Bezos and this will be his first personal experience with him, albeit not with the Amazon project. It must be remembered that the artist of Pan Benedetto will also be the hero of one of the new documentaries prepared by the company, and it will be specifically about the life of the singer and in it he will talk about “what was not seen on Instagram” with ‘My martyr life“.

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