On a day like this, the Dominican baritone Eduardo Brito died at the age of 39

On a day like this, the Dominican baritone Eduardo Brito died at the age of 39

Jose Eleutrio Brito Aragones, better known as Eduardo Brito, was a Dominican opera and singer of Zerzuela Baritone. He is considered the national singer of the Dominican Republic.

He was born in Blanco in Luberon, Puerto Plata, on January 21, 1906. He began his singing career at the age of 15, then joined Sexteto Morel in Puerto Plata. In 1924, with the song “Amar, that’s all,” he won first prize in Santiago de los Caballeros in a contest sponsored by Soap Candado.

He became the only Dominican to be accepted in the Spanish Zerzuela stages. He sang “La Virgen Morena” in Madrid, in Zarzuela, and put his voice in Los Gavilanes. The strikes were in his voice “Abd Lamento” and “My life is singing”.

He sang Mering, Guarachas, and traveled to Colombia, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. He died at the age of 39, in Negua, San Cristobal, on January 5, 1946.

As a tribute to his posthumous career, at first, the main hall of the Santo Domingo National Theater bore his name, and it was later called the Eduardo Prieto National Theater.

In 2012, a station on Line 2 of the Santo Domingo Metro was named after him.

Through Decree 2014-15 of the City Council of La Romana, Councilor Wanchi Medina put his name on the old 5th street of the sector called Villa Pereira, in La Romana.


He was suffering from cerebral syphilis and the condition caused delusions and other neurological disorders. For this reason, between 1942 and 43 he received multiple injections of bismuth. It is a very painful phase of his existence that will only end with his death, which occurred on January 5, 1946 in the Nigua shelter.

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