Orinson Amaya talks about Elmer Güity and Solani’s breakup; Conversations are progressing with the new DT for the marathon

Orinson Amaya talks about Elmer Güity and Solani’s breakup;  Conversations are progressing with the new DT for the marathon


Orenson Amayapresident Marathon Sports ClubThis Wednesday, the football players were suddenly ruled out Edwin Solani Solano s Elmer Getty from the first team.

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In a conversation with TEN, Elmer Goethe defended himself He emphasized that he did not commit any act of indiscipline because he apologized for not attending the training for personal reasons. However, the DT Manuel Cousian I decided not to continue to rely on their services.

Then in an interview with Minute 90, Orenson AmayaThe Emerald Pyramid pointed out that the left defender was not committed to the team and that is why they took the reason to terminate the remainder of the contract.

Topic from Elmer Getty and Solani Solano: “In Elmer Güity’s case, he went through a situation where he did not show up for training, the boy is respectable but what we are looking for is team unity. We want the players to commit to the project we have, with a dream and conviction to keep moving forward. He (Elmer Güity) did not commit and we decided to fire him, if you see that the person Not committed to the group, it is better to separate him.

New team coach: “They told me on social networks about a member of the coaching staff of Professor Luis Suarez but that is not true. While the name of the technician will be known, at the moment, out of respect for teacher Manolo, we cannot publish it. The conversations have already progressed, and we are preparing for the next tournament to see the players, and working with Rolin Peña to provide the best tools for a marathon.”

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The team’s reaction after the departure of Solani and Elmer Goethe: “This is a collective union. Really in my years I have seen the best squad. They are united boys who are committed and believe in their abilities and they have been able to see it in the last matches, against Real Spain the second half was great and I think we are on the right track. The most important thing is to be all in the boat. And to be able to move forward, he who is not convinced and does not want it is better to put it aside, it is better to continue in another institution.

You want league: “The most important and hardest part is the next, but we are closing in really well. The group is convinced that they can do important things.”

Comment on aliens: “The foreign players we have adapted to very well, they have become fond of the city and the institution. We are still studying them for next season, the coach is watching them and knows that they are important players for the club. There is time to make decisions, the important thing is to finish the championship and fight why not be champions. Nobody gives us the option to fight. In this tournament, but as president I am convinced that we can fight for the top spots and reach the final.”

Signature are coming: “In the next tournament we will have a new foreigner because of the vacancy left by Brian Molina, we have to wait for the tournament to finish and that depends on the needs of the club.”

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Illusion with this team: “I see a strong team. We are convinced that this club will fight, we live day in and day out with the player and we know the reality of the club, they are convinced that they can win something and we will trust them, and I see Marathon as a candidate to fight for the title.”

Speaking of Francisco “Paco” Martinez: “He is a player in good conditions, Diego Vazquez took him to the Honduran national team for a reason. Francisco was not left in debt and he is a footballer who plays well with the ball, if you analyze it his passes are almost accurate, he has a contract with the club and that was good for the team. He is a humble person who comes from the countryside, he knows what a job really is, and now that he has the opportunity he will not miss the opportunity that the institution has given him.”

What will happen to Keosseian after the end of tOrneo?: “I have great affection and respect for him, he is the coach who has given us three trophies. One way or another, he will continue to be associated with the team because of the affection he has for the club, he is always an advisor to us in leadership and that is the most important thing, we will always have communication.”

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