Oscars: Compulsory Oscar nominations, punished outside the festival | Oscars 2021

Oscars: Compulsory Oscar nominations, punished outside the festival |  Oscars 2021

In songs that come with serious and Oscar-winning filmsS One is expected: they reinforce the uniqueness of the film and the significance of its message with a melody and lyrics without great personality, but the project is strong enough to add extra recommendation Oscar. Among the songs nominated for the Oscars, something else is expected: they grow into a long exhibition Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. We need as many famous singers as possible, as many popular songs as possible, applause. This discrepancy is clearer than ever before between a common song that occupies a common space and the need to move the public with something, such as a star, a memory, etc. In 2021, among the candidate songs on the outskirts of the gala of the year that reduced emissions: the red carpet, including the winner, Fight for yourself, From Judas and the Black Messiah.

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A year later No animated instruments (Or in any other way) Or a James Bond movie It brings up an attractive theme; The year the rest of the songs were rarely read during the film; A year where almost all the titles were seen at home on stage, so with the final credits without those 40 seconds of music, one hears in the background when leaving the movie theater; After all this, the academy decided to broadcast the songs on recorded shows. They will be delivered before they start Starless as Lady Gaga, Barbara Streisand Oh Madonna, Which wiped out the previous show, but with Leslie Run Jr. for Broadway fans (Won Tony Hamilton) Y Laura Paus Cine for Europeans. For the aging American, nothing. There were four themes of common pop: like the little music of movies Chicago 7 test, one night in Miami, life ahead Y Judas and the Black Messiah. This last film won an Oscar with the song, Fight for yourself, (Music by HER and Dernst Emile II; and song by HER and Tiara Thomas). A rare addition to these themes is the acclaimed comic paste Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga. The outlook was dry and the decision not to make them at the ceremony confirmed that there was no better arrangement for the matter.

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As a result, a series of unplayable, pre-recorded songs that can be played on pre-recorded shows at the Dolby Theater are completely reminiscent of many things that worked before and no longer exist. Although it is not without meaning. The first thing you want to do at these big TV events, especially after a year like in the past, is to find yourself, the festival speaks to you and a part of what you experienced, in the cinema or, in this case, outside. In that sense, the forbidden number is a sensible decision. There are five songs: one about seeing, two about hearing, one about fake and one about unexpected. Culture in 2021.

Leslie Odum Jr. during her performance for the Oscars 2021 at the Dolby Theater.ABC

Leslie Odum Jr., a great voice and popular American songbook dedicated to music for all audiences, had to preserve a traditionally favorite theme, Speak now, From A night in Miami, For this he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. In the version of the film, he sounds like the acting singer Sam Cook: here he gave up acting, showed himself in a video seen in the dark and bathed in smoke, and screamed, whispered and smiled who himself was a star in production.

HER (Grammy for Song of 2020) I can not breathe) Explained the winner, Fight for yourself, From Judas and the Black Messiah, An interesting black style song from the seventies, like the movie associated with it, about fighting for someone or something. The lyrics don’t make it clear, it’s a song, and its political message is a love story.

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Celeste, during her performance for the Oscars 2021, at the Dolby Theater.
Celeste, during her performance for the Oscars 2021, at the Dolby Theater.ABC

Best British Singer Celeste had to deal with the worst part: Listen to my voice, Written for her with Daniel Pemberton (the deceptive composer of soundtracks) Chicago 7 test, An elegant theme about the importance of each having their own voice. Voucher. Celeste has her, she’s scary, and sometimes the frontier of Billy Holiday, which creates the fact that many, probably, have discovered at the time. Chicago 7 test There was the original song.

The only theme heard during the film, not in the credits Husavik, From Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, One of the comic songs that parodies a genre while participating in it. The hue song of those epic ballads, often heard on Eurovision, is full of contradiction and heart. It is sung by two characters who love successful musicians A star is born, eight miles Oh Once: An Oscar classic. They are in this picture Rachel McCodams Y Will Ferrell, Bringing them would have given the star gratitude, the last two familiar faces, but the singer here is Molly Sandon from Sweden. It was a judicial act (Sandon doubles McCodams in almost the entire ribbon) who unfortunately stole all the contradictions from the explanation. What was a round song, something, finally, rare in many terms, was reduced to an interesting ballad, fortunately, used for the match. Reinforced general video message. Some personality almost sneaks into the category.

Molly Sandon, in her performance for the Oscars 2021, at the Dolby Theater.
Molly Sandon, in her performance for the Oscars 2021, at the Dolby Theater.ABC

With the best story, so far, Oh yes, From Life ahead. Its authors are two very close women: Oscar nominee Diane Warren for Best Song 12 times, some of whom are like classics. I don’t want to miss a thing From Armageddon, Never winning one; And Laura Paus Cine, the excitement about the Oscars has been a constant theme on her social media in recent months. The song is not perfect, it is full of commonalities in the rings and lyrics (“If you love me, I’m here / no one sees you, but I do”). This is a song that no one writes after being nominated 12 times for their best works without winning a single time. But at sunset in Los Angeles, the performance of Pav Cine, recorded with Warren on the piano, was a high point and an opportunity to see something not seen in other videos: on that occasion someone was referring to something very important.

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