Othani was beautiful and won the Angels Rangers

Othani was beautiful and won the Angels Rangers

Arlington, Texas-Shohey Ohtani took control of six innings, while Juan Lagares took the lead on a wild pitch from the second base, while the magnificent pitcher-slugger was on the plate as the Los Angeles beat the Texas Rangers 2-1 on Wednesday.

Jack Mayfield was 3-for-3 and ninth on the second night in a row. His sixth solo homer in the fifth inning gave Ohdani an extra run to get his third win in four starts.

Othani (6-1) allowed four wins and hit a six off the walk. He lost the shutout when Adolis Garcia Isaia Kiner-Falefa scored in sixth, giving him a double lead off his three wins.

Japan’s Otani leads the majors with 2.93 ERA and 37 homers.

In April, during his previous trip to Texas, Ottani went down in history as the first homemaker to start a game at Matt 100 years ago after Babe Ruth. Now it has become customary for Othani, the starter and winner of the American League All-Star Game.

Colby Allard (2-10) allowed two runs in six innings, but lost his eighth-highest start in a single season to the Texas pitcher. It was the performance of a left-handed player in which he did not bear defeat last time out, an undecided fight in mid-June.

Angels, Cuba Jose Iglesias 4-0. Dominican Juan Lacaris scored 3-1, one.

For the Rangers, Cuba’s Adolis Garcia 3-0 and Andy Ebis 4-0.

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