Pierluisi stresses that it is “not the right time” to implement a curfew

Pierluisi stresses that it is “not the right time” to implement a curfew

Amid the increasing rate of positivity and hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Puerto Rico, Governor Pedro Pierluisi this afternoon ruled out the possibility of returning to a curfew as a precaution against the virus.

“Forget about the curfew, this is another stage in the management of the epidemic. I don’t want to limit working hours, I don’t want to limit capacity,” Pierluisi said at a news conference when a new executive order was announced.

The governor is still focused on making vaccination a requirement to access various services or attend work. For example, it required vaccinating health service employees and public servants or submitting a negative COVID-19 test every week.

Regarding flexibility, Berluisi noted that “it was not a mistake” because “what is happening is the result of the delta variable, it’s something that’s happening now, it’s happening in other countries”.

Restaurants and bars were also asked to require customers to be vaccinated at the entrances to establishments.

Pierluisi emphasized that he allowed the procedures to be taken to hospitalization and not for positivity, and at the moment “hospitals are under control”.

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