Padres director defends Machado for fighting with Tatis

Padres director defends Machado for fighting with Tatis

“We are a family and we will not discuss details,” he said. Jace Tengler to defend later Mane Machado After today’s discussion between the Minister and Fernando Tates Jr. Pretty much the insomnia thing that happened tonight in No MLB.

In the networks, fans and analysts blamed Tingler for his lack of leadership and lack of ability to motivate a team that instead of internal fights should be looking for a ticket to the playoffs. Big leagues.

And only this emptiness of leadership is what took him Machado To be severely reprimanded Tates After an embarrassing turnaround for the $340 million young star.

Tingler, in the post-match conference, did not mention Tates and refused to explain what happened and what happened, not clarifying whether he spoke with them or if everything would remain a normal discussion between the players …

Perooo, yes, I do praise Machado’s behavior that he said he took his “driving”.

Here is the video:

To close, and without wanting to stir up a lot of intrigue, we recommend Tates It’s not so sacrosanct of Tingler’s dedication and a lot has been said among fans about the current manager’s need to leave. San Diego So that Tates can fully exploit its potential.

it will be?

At the moment, in the networks, fans are already asking about his head. If parents They ran out of playoffs, with this list, we can see their dream come true.

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By the way, if you do not know about any fight between Machado and Tatis, we talk about the video here:

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