Pamela Sweid revealed that she made some aesthetic ‘fixes'”

Pamela Sweid revealed that she made some aesthetic ‘fixes'”

A lawsuit against Pamela

Santo Domingo: Spokesperson Pamela Swid revealed that she took the opportunity to undergo a facelift last Monday, but hasn’t revealed it yet, to fix some post-motherhood technical details that diet or exercise haven’t worked out in her favour.

“I underwent surgery [ustedes saben que yo difícilmente me callo las cosas]. Last Monday I underwent a plastic surgery that I have been thinking about for some time due to lack of time [y pandemia] I couldn’t do it…so I took advantage of the fact that Mr. Alonso went camping [y reina la paz y tranquilidad en mi hogar] And I made some arrangements,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

I still write that “For a while I was at a weight where I felt pretty good, but there were some technical details after giving birth which along with diet or exercise didn’t work in my favor and that is why I decided Dr. manelicmejia would take action. This siiii, from now Onwards I warn you that I’m not wearing anything 🍑.

Determine that he just wants to tell them [antes de que otro se me adelantara y que sigue en reposo cumpliendo con su debido proceso de recuperación.

“Le pedí a mi super doc @manelicmejia que más adelante [cuando yo esté apta] Let’s share the details with them so that women, like me, who want to improve some physical aspect after pregnancy, can have recommendations from a great professional like him,” concluded Pamela.

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