Public Health expresses concern about the number of new cases of coronavirus – 19 in La Vega

Public Health expresses concern about the number of new cases of coronavirus – 19 in La Vega

As the government prepares to issue the health protocol that the province of La Altagracia will follow due to the lifting of the curfew, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, has expressed concern about the La Vega region, which has recorded a rise in cases of coronavirus. -19.

“We are concerned about La Vega, it still has a high level of positivity, but the number of cases from yesterday to today is 30,” the minister said.

In this sense, the authorities will start tracking positive cases to locate them and determine what measures they will take in this area.

“We are already tracking La Vega because the most important case number was in La Vega,” Rivera said.

The head of the Ministry of Health indicated that from now on, the decisive indicator for epidemiological tracing will be the number of cases by demarcation.

On the other hand, Rivera indicated that they are waiting for the results of samples sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, US, to determine the likely distribution of the delta variant in the country.

“It’s jam in all places a lot of reports and finally remember we are making our own efforts and we want to see if at the end of August we have our own lab that can give results,” the minister said.

Rivera spoke at the opening of the workshop on emergency obstetric and perinatal care held Monday by the National Health Service (SNS).

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