Parler Announces Its Comeback with A New Hosting Service

Parler Announces Its Comeback with A New Hosting Service

Social network platforms have grown in abundance across the world. But, with more and more platforms popping up, it is not surprising that there is rising controversy surrounding the same as well. Parler, a popular social media platform, which announced its hiatus a month back over sprouting controversies is again back with its services.

The primary impact behind the social media platform’s hiatus resulted when the majority of the tech firms had to step forward and revoke their access to the website hosting services that it was working with. It was later removed from the leading app store platforms too.

While looking through the namecheap review, we came across the breaking news that the platform is again back in action after it was taken down back on January 10, 2021, after being reported for inciting violent posts. It was Google Play Store and Apple Store that finally shut down their services first by banning the availability of the said social network platform.

It was later for a brief amount of time that Parler made a quick comeback after signing up with Epik that was previously known for hosting a range of extremist and violent content on their platform. They have also witnessed a legal battle with AWS in the United States against all of these issues.

But, the latest news suggests that Parler is finally back in action and they are reportedly not relying on random hosting services. Instead, they are now more focused on sustainable and independent technology. This will not just ensure maximum security for the platform but also prevent the risks of it getting taken down again.

If you have read through namecheap hosting review, you would likely know why they stand out in the market in terms of their service. Whether Parler has a similar kind of service like this one is still a question.

However, even with the announcement of the comeback, the platform is still not ready for use for the general public to use. Only the users who had previously signed up to the website will be able to access the platform as of now. They are not accepting new signups at the moment and will not likely do so for a week or so.

Parler further confirmed that they have fired their previous CEO, John Matze, and have replaced that position with Mark Meckler, the co-founder of the US right-wing group Tea Party Patriots. His experience providing the robust defense with speech, privacy, and civil dialogue is what has propelled him in the right direction.

While Parler had previously explained its works with general and unbiased posts, things have now seemed to be changing. They were taken down for hosting extremist right-wing content that promoted risks of hatred and violence. Whether or not the same will change or not is something that the users will generally have to look out for in the days to come.

As for te return, only the web version of the platform is available for the users to access. There is no sign of the same coming up on the Play Store and App Store.

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